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Sobriety is the first step. Maintaining sobriety takes a daily commitment to healthier, responsible living.

Dealing with PTSD triggers in the workplace may be challenging, but with the right coping skills, it's possible. Learn more in our latest blog.

Forgiving your drug-addicted parents for all the pain they put you through can be hard, but it's more for you than it is for them. Learn more about what forgiveness is and how to find it in our latest blog.

Co-occurring disorders, such as sleep disorders and substance abuse, can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. One mental illness can complicate treatment of the other. Learn about sleep disorders, substance abuse, and treatment programs....

Anyone who is familiar with 12-Step programs such as AA and NA has at least some basic knowledge of the traditions associated with these programs relative to anonymity.

Rep. Thomas Garrett of Virginia will not be up for re-election in November due to his recovery from alcoholism.

Letting go of the toxic people in your life isn't always easy, but it's necessary for your happiness and health— especially during the recovery process. If you don’t let go when it’s time, the toxicity of bad relationships could threaten your sobriety....

When most people think of influential figures of the Good Book, they rarely think of its women. However, many great women of the Bible offer valuable life lessons— ones that could help in the recovery process.

Many people who struggle with addiction and their damaged relationships with God seem to suffer in silence today. Thankfully, Christian rehab is available.

Medical detox is should always be the first step of the addiction recovery process— and with good reason. Learn more about medical detox in our latest blog.

When the time comes to get help, we hope you check out our intensive outpatient rehab facility and all the benefits we offer.

Despite the known dangers of heroin, use and abuse of the drug continue to increase across the United States. According to a report from SAMHSA, heroin use increased by about 50% across all demographics between 2002 and 2013.

Finding love after overcoming addiction can be challenging, but it is possible. Learn more about dating during recovery in our latest blog! Click here:

Staging an intervention can help convince an addicted loved one to seek help. Here are some tips on how to plan, what to write in your letter, and more.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most severe consequences of long-term drug abuse and addiction. Learn more about the different forms of heart disease and the drugs that can cause them here.

Effective immediately, Walmart pharmacies nationwide will enforce a 7-day prescription limit for opioid pills. Learn more here.

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