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We often are told about the benefits of the vague term “networking”. While the ways you can approach networking are quite varied, its benefits and reasons to engage continue to remain strong. #networking #employeeengagement #management

"Offshoring" is usually what comes to mind when we consider #procurement outsourcing (and #outsourcing in general), but the concept of "nearshoring" is also gaining popularity? So, what are each of these procurement strategies? Join us for a closer look:

In recent years, several well-known brands have been the subject of headlines highlighting problems in the conditions of labor or materials used in their #supplychain. Join us to examine the ethics of SCM as #procurement networks become ever more complex.

Blockchain technology has proven itself more secure than traditional payment mediums. It provides many additional advantages, but may present drawbacks. Examine these with us: #blockchain #payment #business

“Outsourcing” is a term usually associated with manufacturing and labor. However, companies will often outsource their procurement as well. Join us in finding out what procurement outsourcing is and how might it help your business: #procurement #b2b

While the U.S. #manufacturing industry has faced internal criticism for outsourcing, it remains one of the top industrial economies in the world. Join us to examine 3 emerging technologies that will continue this #economic tradition into the next decades.

Generational values manifest differently in the workforce, and the strategies used to entice workers from 20 years ago may no longer be sufficient. Join us to take a look at strategies companies today are using to attract new talent. #b2b #employment

#B2B procurement rarely runs independently of outside influences, and you may be affected to a greater or lesser degree based on the #industry or the markets you source from. Join us in examining 3 factors many #procurement professionals are facing:

Emerging technologies have been improving the procurement process for decades. However, more recent digital technology has completely changed the playing field. Learn how: #b2b #globaltrade #procurement #business #tech

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is making leaps and bounds in its implementations for business and trade. However, along with its benefits, we must also be aware of its limitations and potential challenges. #technology #business #artificialintelligence

International trade is governed not only by the people involved, but also by the technology used in carrying it out. Join us in looking at 3 emerging tech trends taking hold in the global trade space: #b2b #globaltrade #techindustry #bigdata

As #blockchain is becoming embraced by more mainstream #industries, it is also converging with existing online payment methods to become a useful tool for making everyday #cryptocurrency payments. Here are 6 companies leading the way:

Current norms in international trade are long-established by the global banking system, forming a sort of status quo. Join us to examine how this might be affected as new and decentralized payment technology grow in popularity. #b2b #banking #blockchain

New technologies being folded into international trade contain the potential to reduce costs and greatly increase productivity. Join us in taking a look at how companies are implementing this new tech into global markets. #globaltrade #b2b #technology

International and domestic bureaucracy can often hinder the efforts of businesses during their procurement processes. Join us in walking through common problems faced in procurement and the solutions to remedy them. #procurement #business #sourcing #b2b

TraDove appears in @BuiltIn’s article “31 Blockchain Companies Paving the Way for the Future” #blockchain #technology #business

Current payment methods used in international trade have remained unchanged for decades. However, new technologies bring the potential to expedite, reduce costs, and flourish in traditionally unreliable markets. #blockchain #globaltrade #banking

Putting AI to work for your business is easier than you think -- and can yield you amazing results. Join us to examine some of the ways AI is helping improve business tasks. #business #computing #artificialintelligence

The rising economies of the #BRICS nations are seeking trade opportunities in markets around the world. Learn how companies like @TraDove_B2BCoin are helping these suppliers branch out. #procurement #globaltrade #business

Demand for talented procurement professionals far outweighs supply. Each year, qualified #procurement specialists are becoming a rarer find. Learn why and what you can do about it: #b2b #supplychain #business #globaltrade

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