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Nashville, TN
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The office of @JohnCooper4Nash purposely and deceptively hid the low COVID traced cases from Nashville bars yet continues to punish and restrict them, crushing our economy and crushing our business owners and employees.

If I were a Nashville bar or restaurant owner, particularly on lower Broadway or Midtown, I would be suing the pants off the mayor’s office!!

As we’ve seen from @JohnCooper4Nash hiding low COVID numbers, these democrats will stop at nothing to maintain their power and control. We can’t trust them with COVID data how can we trust them with mail-in voting?!

Quoted @GovBillLee

Nashville is the slowest recovering economy of all metro regions across the country. Our economy must move forward, and that means lifting overly burdensome business restrictions in a responsible way.

REOPEN NOW! Our mayor is a crooked fraud!

I want to thank @FOXNashville and reporter Dennis Ferrier for holding our crooked mayor @JohnCooper4Nash accountable and not backing down! Keep digging!!!

Still waiting for a meaningful and HONEST response from @JohnCooper4Nash on the CORRUPTION coming out of his office.....#Nashville

Quoted @seanhannity

REPORT: Nashville Mayor’s Office Kept ‘Low CoVID Cases’ from Bars and Restaurants a ‘Secret’ from Public

I’ve been saying it for months. He has a vendetta against Nashville’s top bar owners who also happen to be his vocal critics!

Hey @JohnCooper4Nash your goose is cooked! You tried to pull some California level corruption but you just couldn’t manage to outsmart Nashville!

I’ve been warning you for months, Nashville! Our mayor @JohnCooper4Nash and his henchmen are CORRUPT!

Quoted @FOXNashville

LIVE on @FOXNashville at 9pm: COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor's office show disturbing revelation. WATCH NOW:

Look at the corruption from @JohnCooper4Nash trying to fulfill his sick vendetta against Nashville bar owners!!

Coronavirus has allowed Democrats to fulfill the agenda they couldn’t get us to voluntarily agree to. They are drunk with power.

Tune in later today to see my interview on the latest episode of 'No Interruption' with .@TomiLahren at @foxnation! #1517toCongress #Alek2020

Our Nashville mayor @JohnCooper4Nash is a tyrant, a hypocrite and an elitist!

Ankle-biter @GStephanopoulos looks so disgusted when @realDonaldTrump defends and honors our police officers. Typical Democrat.

If you want higher wages for minority Americans perhaps stop allowing millions of illegals to suppress wages!!!

Best way to avoid negative interaction with law enforcement is to STOP COMMITTING CRIMES! But that’s just too much to ask.

And P.S. Barack Obama spent 2 terms downplaying radical Islam.

If you accuse @realDonaldTrump of downplaying the China Virus but cried a snowflake river that his travel bans were “racist,” you are a disingenuous loser!

Quoted @RNCResearch

Biden campaign manager refuses to deny that Joe Biden uses a teleprompter in interviews

This chick wants us to give Basement Joe brownie points for taking a few questions on the stump?! Hello he’s running for freakin POTUS that’s not good enough!

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