Alice Tokas:  A LA Girl

Alice Tokas: A LA Girl



LA Native lived in Prudhoe Bay AK, Sacramento & Frisco CA. 6ft 3in Italian/Spanish girl jogs in Griffith Park & Venice beach. Lifelong moderate Democrat.

Los Angeles, CA
Joined on November 25, 2018

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The end of the world could be upon us. Why are we doing nothing?

@cstephens2 @ABC Don’t ask me that same stupid question I’ve heard dozens of times. It’s up to ICE, not me.

UPDATE: All L.A. County beaches have now reopened after temporary closure due to lightning, @LACoLifeguards says

a year ago

A home is someone’s private space, their sanctuary, and no one deserves to have it invaded. These burglars invaded it, and now with your help by pressing the retweet button, we will intrude on the "privacy" of these criminals. Any info call LAPD Hollywood Detectives 213-972-2929.

When I was 12 I made 6ft in height. I was in the 7th grade. Back then I wondered why was everyone was so short until I realized I was the tall one.

Today’s the Acura Grand Prix of Downtown L.B.

No storm Thursday not even rain. North of us is getting the tail end of a small system.

For decades it was called the Toyota Grand Prix of Downtown L.B. Now that Toyota has bailed out Acura is now sponsoring it.

I just found out that lazy bum nephew Ronald Crenshaw hates his name and doesn’t want to be called Ronald. How sad.

From the stadium to the beach good luck in the Los Angeles marathon Sunday

Later I took Cristina to nearby Oceanside for an early dinner before driving back up to Los Angeles

I took my niece Cristina down to Legoland Carlsbad yesterday. Cristina is age 12 and has a volunteer type job with no pay as she is learning job responsibilities.

Now bum Ronald Crenshaw the nephew is doing his laundry at my moms. He feels no shame in this.

I have this lazy nephew Ronald Crenshaw who is scared of any physical good paying job. So that’s why there’s a 45 year old middle aged man selling tickets at Disneyland. He’s also a bum. Once a week he goes to my moms to eat and do his laundry there. Such a bum.

Sometimes God can be a big stinker

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