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LeBron James tweeted that the black woman is the most disrespected person in America and yet he cheated on his black wife with a white woman lol . The hypocrisy is astounding!

Quoted @redwins3_first

Dear Observers, This individual is being arrested for not wearing a mask, while outside watching what appears to be a track & field event. You all just sat there with your Stockholmed brains over a mask. Mr. @POTUS this needs to end now, we’re in the USA!

Can you imagine this happening in the US Shameful

Total keeps rising in tonights #NFL game

Quoted @NYCMayor

Join me in Manhattan to talk about New York City’s recovery.

The reply's to this tweet indicate that you are an incompetent fool

@NYCMayor Are you finally resigning? Now we're talking recovery!

@NYCMayor We will only recover when you resign

@NYCMayor The only way the city will recover is for you to RESIGN.

@NYCMayor Are you resigning!?

@NYCMayor Any recovery is not from your leadership.

@NYCMayor You ruined the city

Ned Ryun
19 hours ago

Just a reminder: "The Biden Center at the University of Penn is under fire this week over its alleged failure to disclose millions of dollars in gifts from China. The center has allegedly failed to disclose $70mil in gifts from China since 2017."

Quoted @AliBaumanTV

Thousands marching in NYC tonight for #BreonnaTaylor @CBSNewYork

But, but... the pandemic....

I'll never forgive Wade for fixing the Slam Dunk Contest .... POS

Lebron and Wade are the 2 least likable dudes to play in the #NBA

Quoted @DwyaneWade

Tyler Herro definitely got a black best friend

Racist Prick

Laughable PUSH 

Rockies complete garbage

Laughable PUSH Rockies complete garbage

Good lord the @Rockies are complete scrubs

Breonna Taylor would be alive if her boyfriend didn't shoot at police.

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