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Kevin Seefried, who carried Confederate flag into the Capitol during Trump-fueled riot, arrested with son Good.

Apparently saying "sh*t" on twitter gets you a timeout now delegate, just sworn in, was among the mob storming U.S. Capitol - WV MetroNews Will these actions have consequences? I doubt it.

Fox News is claiming that the attempted coupe is "peaceful". Here are some Fox News sponsors @Disney @hulu @CopperFit @SHEEX @PetSmart (Owners of @Chewy) @etrade @Depend @NordicTrack @DealDash @MyPillowUSA @LifeLock @symantec @KraftHeinzCo @tecovas @officedepot @WeatherTech

Cleta Mitchell, who advised Trump on Saturday phone call, resigns from law firm via @CurrentStatus

Weekly jobless claims fall for a second straight week Wow, fell by 19,000. Keep it in perspective. This report is FIRST TIME filers so if you add up Dec that's roughly 3,000,000 first time UE filers.

Quoted @BillKristol

The Manafort pardon was of course contemptible. But it was successful. The promise of pardons enabled just enough of a cover up that Trump was able to get away with the collusion and lying about it. In this sense, Trump won. Putin won. America lost, and justice was denied.

The problems are: The people who should care don't and the people who do care won't do anything about it.

Jared Kushner Reportedly Helped Create Trump Campaign Shell Company to Secretly Pay President's Family via @YahooNews Because of course he did.

Trump vetoes colossal $740 billion defense bill, breaking with Republican-led Senate Just can't help but be a dick every single chance he gets.

House Republicans meet with Trump to discuss overturning election results via @politico Get the names of the traitors and remember how they plotted to overthrow democracy

Middle East Leaders Working On Peace Plan For America

A Woman goes to the Optician The Optician puts a contraption her face and asks her what can she see. "I see empty airports, I see empty football grounds. I see closed theaters, closed pubs and closed restaurants" "That's perfect" says the Optician "You've got 2020 vision"

West Wing fears COVID spread after Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis attends White House party Why do all these Republicans keep getting COVID? It's a mystery!

Texas sues four battleground states in Supreme Court over 'unlawful election results' in 2020 presidential race Never forget how far Republicans will go to overturn your votes.

Michigan secretary of state says armed protesters gathered outside her home, threatening violence via @nbcnews Trumpsters, not the ones you want to be armed.

McConnell shoots down bipartisan $900 billion coronavirus stimulus plan as stalemate drags on What a fucking dick

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