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Democrat/Liberal/Atheist/Skeptic. Broadcasting Professional in Hiding. #Warnock #Ossoff January in Georgia. Get your flu shot!

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Quoted @WSJ

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his intention to leave the agency in January, clearing the way for Joe Biden to select a new head of the telecom regulator

Greedy f*cks like Pai ruined the industry I work for. Break up the huge companies that control media.

I'm a Democrat. I'm liberal. I support vastly expanded social programs. I support labor. I support government investment in jobs programs and education. I support all sorts of "progressive" items. One thing, though - don't tell me how to speak. The end.

So the best part of being a @dailykos member is dealing with others who narc you out for speaking your mind. So you don't want my support for left causes or my vote for Democrats unless I also adhere to your 57 other rules for discourse?

I've actually started reading a fiction book for pleasure - The Fifth Season by @nkjemisin. I've been away from reading Fantasy for a while so this should be interesting.

I open up my work email in ten minutes and I'm really trying hard not to pre-hate everyone.

If Jazz music doesn't include a piano, I'm not listening. The only exception is Fusion, but I need keyboards in there somewhere.

I can't be the only person who after having four straight days off wonders what work is all about and why I need to go back to it today.

Shoestring fries are superior to those thick as fingers monstrosities that are just soft potato inside a hard shell.

#MondayMood People on the other side think being liberal is monolithic - it isn't. I find out very quickly that slightly deviating from the way I'm supposed to react to a news story is not allowed.

Also, that 911 drama on Fox. L.A. is being hit by a tidal wave one week and then a dam breaks the next. What the hell kind of craziness is that?

So far no commercial for any Masked competition entices me to watch it. Someone wears a mask and Ken Jeong screams like he's seen Satan's ballsack.

Trump was a terrible businessman/developer because instead of being concerned with the financial solvency of a project, he was walking around checking faucets and light fixtures and demanding they be this, that or the other.

Quoted @NewYorker

“'The baby’s dead,' I said. 'She died.' And then, in my grief, I broke the connection." A short story by By T. C. Boyle, from 2008. #NewYorkerArchive

Before I read this, it better not end with the baby dying anyway and then the guy wanders the streets with a squash in his arms saying to people, "Look at my baby," or some weird sh*t like that.

I think it's time to unsubscribe from any more Skechers emails. The shoes are comfortable as hell and I like them but just stop already. How can every day have the same 30% off sale?

"Did you even read the article?" "Did you even watch the video?" "Did you even listen to the interview?" "Did you even...did you even...didyoueven..." S-T-F-U.

Sure I have new music to listen to this morning - it's just that my coffee maker doesn't make the required 20 cups I need at a time.

Other people can argue politics tonight. I'm watching this marathon of Christmas Cookie Challenge.

I've had a long career in broadcasting but feel like the old Ensign Picard.

If I'm that guy, she can have the truck but she has to spot me one affair not including the current one.

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