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Singer. Political junkie. Foodie. #BidenHarris. You can find my music here: https://t.co/f4s56IFd24

Los Angeles, CA
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Ending today with this. Good night. 💚 https://t.co/5LOwAwklDP

Bed, Bath and Beyond and Kohl’s have dropped MyPillow from all of their stores following Mike Lindell’s constant seditious lies that continue to incite insurrection. Hell to the yes! 🙃

I’ve seriously aged like 20 years in the last 4 years. Almost over folks.

Someone should charge the entire MAGA regime with crimes against humanity for every immigrant and child they caged, abused, separated, tortured, drugged and operated on, especially the architects Stephen Miller, John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen and Rod Rosenstein.

I wonder which white supremacist terrorist group Stephen Miller will end up joining after his creepy fascist ass is kicked out of our White House for good. The FBI might want to keep an eye on him.

36 hours. 🥃

The fact that we came so close to having a Dictatorship in the United States means we have a ton of work to do still and no time to let up.

Wyoming GOP officials are floating around the idea of secession from the US because GOPer Liz Cheney voted for impeachment. 2 less GOP Senators, they’d be one of the poorest nations on earth and no subsidies from blue states who help them stay afloat. They are really stupid.

Quoted @SenKamalaHarris

Thank you California—it has been an honor serving as your senator for the past four years. Our country has faced many challenges, but I remain certain that our best days are ahead. I promise to keep standing up for our shared values as your Vice President. https://t.co/cp6w0vn98K

We will miss you as our Senator. But damn are we ready for you to be our Vice President. So proud. We love you. https://t.co/Xoyx6Ll2zX

Numerous people have confirmed it was Lauren Boebert giving tours to MAGA terrorists a day before the US Capitol attack. We heard terrorists on video saying Ted Cruz would approve of them. Josh Hawley continues to defend his incitement of insurrection. Expel and arrest them.

Should’ve known the word classless was trending all damn day because of racist birther Melania.

According to the Washington Post: Agolf Twitler was upset to learn Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks and other huge stars agreed to make appearances and perform for Biden’s inauguration after Hollywood spat in his face. Good! Cry more! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

I don’t know who Kayleigh McEnazi is trying to fool with her hollow MLK tribute tweet, she’s a racist, a racist birther and she lives a life completely against what he stood for and tried to achieve before he was murdered by one of those she speaks on behalf of.

Quoted @donwinslow

NEW VIDEO #TrumpsNewArmy VOLUME UP On January 20th Donald Trump will no longer be The Commander in Chief. He will lose control of the U.S. Armed Forces and take control of a NEW ARMY. https://t.co/59MHHaIegP

We must expose and repel those in #TrumpsNewArmy. He may leave the White House, but his minions remain radicalized. Complacency is over. https://t.co/LmgRoyKxWk

I’d actually love to see Dr. Jill Biden hosting Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Rosalynn Carter for a real First Ladies virtual luncheon. What a unifying message that would send. 💙🇺🇸

So basically, the MAGA regime has just released a trashy report from its “1776 Commission” on MLK Day to totally double down on their racism and why white supremacy is really important to them. They can literally go fuck themselves sideways.

On Wednesday, the Bidens will be greeted by the White House chief usher Timothy Harleth. Good, keep the filth far away. It was never their house anyway, the grifters were trespassing traitors the entire time. Good riddance.

The same racists who called Colin Kaepernick unAmerican, unpatriotic and disrespectful for just peacefully taking a knee to bring awareness of racial injustice and police brutality are on the side of domestic terrorists who attacked and stormed the US Capitol. 🧐

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