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Sports-gambling host/personality. Host @YouBetterYouBet @RDCSports. Sundays @WFAN660. Founder of #wagertainment. Wishing you minimal sweats & winning bets!

New York, NY
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Quoted @Ben_Baby

Joe Burrow said he thinks the OL played "very, very well tonight" considering he had to throw the ball 61 times tonight. Burrow: "They did a hell of a job for me."

Joe Cool

Some CFB nuggets for the weekend before calling it a night...

Quoted @forsythe2150

@TheKostos Who would u take Burrow or Daniel Jones?

I like Daniel Jones but obviously Burrow. Even the biggest Giants homer would have to admit that

Would have liked to hit the Burrow rush yards over (especially for @MarksReeseWIP listeners) but still a great TNF for the @YouBetterYouBet crew. If you listened/watched tonight, you cashed.

Brutal beyond words for Browns backers

Burrow could have run that in 😩

Boyd props all hit. What a night

Let’s see if he’s really Joe B(ackdoor)urrow

When you own Chubb or Hunt in multiple leagues and both score multiple TDs

Chubb and Hunt clear their rushing props, and then some. Freddie "Country Bumpkin" Kitchens does not approve. @TheKostos

If the Browns attempt another pass there should be a federal investigation

This game somehow going under will easily be the craziest thing that’s happened in 2020

Just give the ball to 24 and 27 until they stop it. I don’t get the refusal.

Quoted @SportsbkConsig

Story time from the book: For the past 20+ years, I have spent the opening weekend of the NFL in a sportsbook, either as an employee or as a customer. This year, we tried something different... This past Sunday, I was on the 8th floor of a hospital in Las Vegas, watching..

Very glad you are safe my friend

Good thing Taylor kicked that FG!

Imagine this play calling

For fucks sake

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