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We looked inside some of the tweets by @TheHillReport and here's what we found interesting.

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When you’re starting to regret your vote for Trump

Abortion: The only word that can make followers of Jesus vote against everything Jesus ever talked about because of one issue that Jesus never talked about.

Quoted @donwinslow

Trump literally just lied five times in under 2 minutes and went unchallenged by The White House press. Shameful.

I know it's different if you are really in the room (like knowing the answers to ever #Jeopardy question at home and zero if you were on the show), but why is no trained journalist challenging Trump or walking out or even just laughing.

China and North Korea “will own this country” if Joe Biden is elected. It is always amazing that the guy who completely beclowned himself in relations with both of those nations is totally worried that Biden could do worse.

Quoted @USPS

We weren’t going to post a joke about mail, but sometimes you just gotta send it.

Blink twice if you’re in trouble.

Joe Biden
16 hours ago

Donald Trump’s surrender to the pandemic has led to a resurgence of the virus and more economic pain and anxiety for millions of Americans. After six months of a nation in crisis, he still has no plan to get us through. But I do:

We weren’t going to post a joke about mail, but sometimes you just gotta send it.

We can’t let Donald Trump destroy the U.S. Postal Service.

if anyone is unemployed collecting unemployment insurance please let us all know when you receive your extra $400 a week from Daddy Trump. #DaddyTrump400Bucks

RT so that everyone will remember that #FoxNews #MSNBClive and #CNN should be held up as @realDonaldTrump enablers and co-conspirators for showing Trumps press rallies live. #TrumpPressConference #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

Please Jesus let us all watch @realDonaldTrump try to ride a bike. Go ahead #TrumpCult keep telling us that Biden isn't fit to be President after nearly 4 years of watch an obese orange cult leader only exercise his mouth. #TrumpCantRideABike

Trump’s executive orders from the golf club: Cut unemployment benefits for millions. Reduce funding for Social Security and Medicare. Do nothing to treat the virus, open schools, or help people vote. What’s next for Trump while millions of Americans suffer? The back nine.

Trump is a trojan horse for right-wing hacks wanting to destroy America.

BARR UNABLE TO BURY TRUMPS TAX FRAUD Bank records have already been acquired by New York District Attorney. #fraud

They see my trolling, they hatin’

They see my trolling, they hatin’

Just in : Trump appears to have tonight actually only signed one Executive Order that extends rental evictions during the coronavirus pandemic. Other three documents were memoranda, per White House release.

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