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“Comedian”. Former Writer for @ProblemAreasHBO. Music Video Expert. @SuperVidBros #DeceptiComics https://t.co/PuDJDnjVSQ

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EPISODE 1 of Super Video Bros is available on YouTube now! Kelly Rowland’s Coffee, Busta Rhymes gets his own music video classification and more. @SuperVidBros https://t.co/YhZtpyE3tz https://t.co/Yy7aReg6PQ

A mosquito landed on my bug spray and demanded blood. Help. https://t.co/os0C7odRbl

If they’re going to put the lives of basketball players at risk for our entertainment the LEAST they could do is make it Slamball.

Me thinking that now I just have to steal it instead: https://t.co/nTUsa9IhE1 https://t.co/K694UIIoHa

The @ProblemAreasHBO staff, unlike so many other shows, had so FEW white dudes involved in the everyday process, and i think that is important to note when you are talking about WHY a show didn’t hit the mainstream. @nytimesarts (2/2)

Quoted @zhubinparang

It's very weird and unfortunate that this article doesn't interview or even mention @HallieHaglund, one of the few women executive producers in this business and who made this show so smart and funny. https://t.co/NowHwd2Obs

.@HallieHaglund was our incredible EP, first one in & last one out alongside Wyatt. A lot of talk about “Not Enough Women In Late Night!” but if you don’t give a voice to the Women In Late Night who do exist, that is the same problem. (1/2) https://t.co/XtdiXaikUH

Just a reminder from Dillon: https://t.co/GcdDuzQ6pB

They gave us Hamilton when we could’ve had “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” live

The What Had Happened Was Years

A You Got Served sequel where Marquis Houston and Omarion's crew learn Lil Saint is actually still alive, has amnesia and a cybernetic pop-locking arm he's been using to destroy other dancers. You Got Served: The Winter Server

People who care about me: “Dillon where have you been?”

Me: https://t.co/dZ3YkKf8E9

People who care about me: “Dillon where have you been?” Me: https://t.co/dZ3YkKf8E9

Quoted @BakerBone

Dear @TheDillonOne, Donate and Share Baker-Bone is creating "BHM," a comedic documentary on the Black experience and "the shit you should have learned in school" about unpopular and overlooked parts of Black History. Link ➡️ https://t.co/A6HIpsc0aA

No I will not donate and no I will not shar-oh shit I’ve accidentally done both. You win this round, Bake or Bone... https://t.co/Fw7Uqrjmhp

Animorphs book 1: hehehe I'm a kitty cat Animorphs book 35: Morality is a privilege of the comfortable. War is an unceasing hellscape, and no number of morphs will ever slough off the things you've seen. The things you've done.

Few movie sequences stress me out as much as the trailer falling off of the cliff while being attacked by T-Rexes in the Lost World. June 2020 felt like a month of that.

Just typing Khruangbin so I can stop forgetting how it’s spelled and listen to infinitely more Khruangbin. Khruangbin, Khruangbin, Khruangbin, Khruangbin

In light of the near-constant portrayal of Black Lives Matter protests as chaotic and violent “riots,” correspondent @YoMikeBrown sits down with Black activists and leaders to find out why affecting change is a noisy process. https://t.co/lQE24RddGB

Quoted @TheDillonOne

Some sick and twisted asshole has made a false and slanderous attack ad to stop me from getting another writing job! https://t.co/iNFyQs04o0

I'm a Dillon H8tr, and I approve this message. https://t.co/YGgJvCmTIE

I'm raising money for Backing Baker-Bone’s BHM Docuseries. Click to Donate: https://t.co/NRnArsuf82 via @gofundme

Working under the assumption Batman Returns takes place in 2020 because Batman essentially gets the Penguin’s mayoral campaign cancelled with a “this you?” post

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