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The official twitter of El Pres’ dad. Co-host of Mike & the Murdogg featuring Cousin Riggs on Sirius radio channel 85.

Boston, MA
Joined on February 07, 2018

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Love it when people tell me how funny it isto watch my son gamble on stocks and sports win or lose. As his dad I don’t enjoy it that much especially on days like today.

Good news/Bad news. You decide. This morning at 10:00 am is our last one day a week of The Cousins. Starting Monday we are back every morning at 9:00am! Call in @ 833 857 8665 with your opinion. Remember I am sensitive.

Damn TIKTOK and WECHAT stealing headlines from opening of Barstool sports app today. Also I did not murder anyone. Call into Cousins @ 10:00 am told. 833 857 8665 to thank me for for my service.

Cousins @ 10 am. Will discuss Poor Norteastern kids. Call 833 857 8665. (How about Penn National?)

Apologies to Trysta re spelling error which again shows how the spelling police never sleeps

Sorry didn’t give Instagram proper acknowledgment, but as my friend Trista said it’s all the same.

My son involved in another twitter argument. Twitter all so predictable, Twitter never disappoints.

Okay Cousins on again around 10:00 am. Stop being lazy, call in 833 857 8665. Hope to discuss how to write a good bank robbery note , who wins a fight between a crocodile and a carpet python ,etc.

Check out my son’s explanation of photosynthesis as it relates to stock splits. Later he will explain how to build your own Bunsen burner at home.

Falwells will not be guests on The Cousins this morning Becki apparently went to “visit” her favorite boy band and Jerry went to “watch “. Call into The Cousins this morning @10am anyway. 833 857 8665

Cousins tomorrow probably @ 10:00am trying to get the Falwells on to discuss proper pool etiquette in a loving marriage in the year of our lord 2020. Call in 833-857-8665

Trying to get into post office hearings will talk about burnt Mail. Call into Cousins this @ 10:am to support this important issue 833 857 8665

All my “friends” can call in @ 10 this am to Cousins 833 857 8665

I think Cousins on Friday @ 10:00am or maybe 11:00. I know you kids don’t care, but instead of just thinking about yourself, what about me? Call in so you can tell me how wrong I am about everything. Will reveal the one thing I agree with Trumpster about.

Sorry the Cousins was on at 10:00am this morning not 11:00. Found out at 9:45. FYI Cousin Balls not interested in Mr. Barley’s must get up before 10:00am and leave basement in New Jersey, No good

Does Glenny Balls have what it would take to run Mr. Bartley’s?

Actually thought my son should save Mr. Bartley’s. But how could he be successful buying something he knows nothing about? But the again.....

First The Virus and now Mr. Bartley’s is for sale. Been going there for 40 years Harvard Sq. Cambridge. The best burgers around!! I thank them for their service. If you want to thank them or me. Call the Cousins 11:00am tomorrow 833 857 8665

Trumpster complaining about post office. Hey Trumpster call me again I get burnt mail!!!

Silly me phone # 833 857 8665. Now your have to call. (BRONX Tale reference)

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