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E-RYT 200, YACEP I teach yoga to beginners, and screenshot and publicly shame DM abuse.

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I posted on IG “if you believe your god blessed America you worship a monster” and people unfollowed me over it. Pretty proud of that. Also maybe don’t worship invisible sky terrorists? Just a thought.

the screaming is fine we just checked it out it was nothing

Those are not the actions of an adult. This is the petulance of a spoilt child. Enough.

You‘ve gone from appreciating your freedom to worshiping your own self-appointed ability to do whatever you want to the point where, as the government tells you to stay away from the cliff, you now look them in the eye and walk off of it. And you‘re taking people with you.

The problem is not that you aren’t “living in fear.” The problem is that you have internalized this fake idea of American exceptionalism and complete libertarian freedom to the point where it’s made you belligerent.

And I KNOW you understand that if you aren’t interested in having a healthy fear of getting the coronavirus or passing it on to your family, you might not be anyone‘s ancestor.

We understand in other areas of our lives that fear is healthy. That fear keeps us alive. You exist because of fear. You are only alive today because your ancestors had enough healthy fear of things that could kill them to avoid those things.

Teaching kids to swim instead of just throwing them in with no training is not telling them to live in fear, it’s recognizing that there’s a credible threat to their health and safety and doing the smart thing to mitigate that danger. I. know. you. know. this. already.

I KNOW you know listening to professionals is not living in fear, for the same reason you know, when you tell your kid to run at the sound of a rattlesnake tail, you’re not teaching them to live in fear.

And the thing is, I KNOW that you know it’s not living in fear, for the same reason you know that telling your small child not to touch a hot stove is not teaching them to live in fear.

Listening to professionals and doing what they say, even while acknowledging that during this freefall we are throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, is not living in fear.

Masks do absolutely impact the transmission of the virus. Again, professionals who have spent their lives in these fields have already said this is just a fact. It’s not up for debate.

But some things we do know. Some things we do fully understand. Masks do not hurt you, nor do they limit your O2 intake. This is not a matter of opinion; respiratory professionals have already closed the book on this for us. They know what they’re talking about.

We’re going to try one thing, and then another thing, and then a few more things, and then something that works for a while won’t work as well as we want in the long term, and something we try later on we will wish we had tried earlier. That’s the nature of the unknown.

Is it all going perfectly? No. Are we learning as we go? Yes. We are in a terrifying freefall and just scrambling to find something, anything, to slow our descent.

Let’s talk about living in fear. “Forcing us to wear masks is just forcing us to live in fear.“ “Shutdowns are just living in fear.“ ^These are some of the (I’m sorry, not sorry) truly asinine responses I hear to the government’s attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Don’t ask me how I know this, but I have a peculiar hunch that there is a wide overlap in personality traits between straight white men who wish to become evangelical pastors and straight white men who wish to become cops

Saying “the boosted unemployment is just keeping people from going back to work” - during a global pandemic – is just another way of saying “we know we don’t require businesses to pay people enough to live on, and we’ve accidentally proved it, oops, so we have to stop that now.”

Friendly reminder that @senatemajldr McConnell would prefer you and your family starve to death during a global pandemic than keep boosting unemployment long enough for you to figure out that we need to raise the minimum wage.

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