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10 hours ago

My prediction video will be up in about 35 minutes πŸ˜ƒ

13 hours ago

Adesanya vs Costa has a weird conflicting narrative.. "Power vs Precision" (but Costa actually lands more precisely & Izzy has more KOs and KDs) #UFC253 #ufc

Quoted @GoinHAM9HD

@ThaWeasle It’s funny as soon as you tweeted this, Lebron just got hit with a light glancing elbow on the court just now lol https://t.co/lhP8Mbn4Gs

And LeBron would beat Colby? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/gaYALAs5bN

Hopefully this helps some understand. I'll talk about it on the podcast.

At UFC 4, Royce Gracie defeated Dan Severn. -Royce was smaller than Colby -Severn was 250lbs and one of the most accomplished grapplers in history LeBron isn't even UFC 4 level and Colby is 26 years better than both Royce and Severn. Now think what would happen #ufc

Colby got mainstream sports media, other athletes, politicians, and various sponsors to talk about him. He got exactly what he wanted and proved his character works #ufc

LeBron James beating Colby Covington in a fight is one of the most laughable things I heard this year. And 2020 has been wild #ufc

Regardless of politics, the fact that two of the most powerful people on the planet (Trump & Putin) are fans of MMA and endorse fighters, is such a huge opportunity for the sport #ufc

So the president of the US spoke to Colby after his fight? That's pretty cool. Is this the first for a UFC fighter? #ufc

I honestly don't know where this excuse for Tyron comes from. Tyron has never been aggressive his entire career and lost fights 7 years ago just like this #ufc

So Tyron may have lost 14 rounds in his last 3 fights. I want to see Colby vs Edwards next #ufc

Tyron gets a rib injury and Colby wins with a dominant win. Seems a bit similar to what happened to Pettis when he fought Poirier.

10-8 Colby in that 4th round. Tyron is decaying here and might be down 4 rounds #ufc

10-9 Colby doing similar work but Woodley seems to be getting loose and not respecting Colby's power.

10-9 Colby. That first counter takedown was beautiful. After that, Woodley went back to his shell allowing Colby to pick his shots #UFC

I honestly don't see how Maia beats Chimaev. I knew he had power, from his previous one-punch knockouts, but this is too scary. That speed was insane #ufc

@ThaWeasle "I've made a terrible misstake" Maia 2020

Bring on Demian Maia!!! #ufc #KhamzatChimaev

HOLY SH*T!!!! Khamzat just 1-shot Gerald seconds in the fight. This guy is FOR REAL.....EVERYWHERE #ufc

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