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Accessing your driveway in beautiful downtown San Francisco.

I found the cure for 2020.

I found the cure for 2020.

Remember 15 days to slow the spread? 🤡

I still can't believe that after three years of hysterical resistance, the best the Dems could come up with is Biden.

That awkward moment when you hear your song being murdered.

I jokingly said “reclaiming my time” in a meeting and now I know who all the libs are.

Quoted @thehill

Sen. Mazie Hirono: "I mean, how many of us even think that 'defunding police departments' should be taken literally? I mean, I certainly don't."

They lie and lie and lie and lie...

Bitch know any other moves besides these?

Quoted @ABC7

CA bill would require employers to disclose #COVID19 exposure in the workplace

Imagine doing this with HIV/AIDS...

Quoted @GavinNewsom

One year ago today nine lives were stolen in Dayton by a man with a gun. Meanwhile -- the @GOP continue to block any efforts of commonsense gun reform and the @NRA continue to “shatter gun sales records.” Sickening.

My neighbor is a self described liberal and Trump hater yet he went out and bought two additional guns during the past few weeks and now owns a total of seven. That’s 7 more than me. We get along splendidly btw because we’re adults...

Check out NEW ROCKFORD AGENCY SHIRT!! Available for the next 1 day via @Teespring:

While waiting for my appointment at the VA this morning.

Wanted to shake his hand but had to suffice with a good morning greeting instead...


While waiting for my appointment at the VA this morning. Wanted to shake his hand but had to suffice with a good morning greeting instead... 😏❤️🇺🇸

Nation That Kills 3,000 Babies A Day Feels Morally Superior To Slaveowners From 200 Years Ago

@hrkbenowen It was a campaign event where a funeral broke out.

Quoted @agvBruceAdams

Bill Gates says getting VAXXed is NOT your choice.

He's going to use TikTok influencers to make you think this is okay. It's NOT okay!

And the ever present Legal who love taking the piss out of creative and are therefore awesome...

Quoted @johncardillo

Every day Joe Biden doesn’t pick a running mate, Michelle Obama becomes more likely.

Can't pass the physical.

Quoted @KTLA

The girl was nine months old when she was found abandoned in a basket on a college campus in India and taken to an orphanage before being adopted and brought to San Jose, where she is helping senior dogs who have been left behind

Literally the story of America that you media assholes keep trying to convince people does not exist...

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