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29) "... the Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians, including family members of government officials, while negotiating the Iran nuclear deal..." https://t.co/afCPJ38igb

27) "... when it comes to the Iran deal, the Obama administration took lying to new heights..." https://t.co/H77GOyhG0W

6) Among them was the then-director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Gen. Michael Flynn. Gen. Flynn placed the regime of Iran on notice in the early days of the Trump presidency. https://t.co/j9UhWsEuzx

4) Green Beret Colonel Andy Wood sent a cable to his commanding officer in June 2012 that the Iran-backed militia—Ansar al Sharia—had received their funding from Iran and were sending their wives and children to Benghazi. https://t.co/Zpuwy1p2dR

2) Video/audio/docs out soon. One look back: By the summer of 2012, US intel/security officers in Libya warned their chain of command that #Iran was preparing a terrorist attack on the US compound in Benghazi. The Obama/Biden admin knew. And did nothing. https://t.co/rBShN1F7dk

THREAD 1) The Obama/Biden administration was in bed with #Iran’s regime from day one. Meaning in 2009. Far before the notorious 2015 nuclear deal that provided Iran access to $150 billion in credit & $1.8 billion in unmarked cash. First watch this: https://t.co/9RAp237V4M

2 months ago

I haven’t really seen a difference in the enthusiasm between the Trump campaign and the Joementia campaign😳. Wholly pancakes Batman, it’s like middle school lacrosse against the MLB Allstars😲! Who’d rather be on a boat than a golf cart🙋‍♂️? Trump 2020🇺🇸 https://t.co/1Ctdgwx3k7

2 months ago

Wait, these people ARE NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING to protest for NOT wanting to vote in person🤦‍♂️. Seriously folks, I looked up stupid people and this video appeared👍. Another 56 Million infected and we’ll MATCH Obumer’s virus in 2013👊. Losers😤. Trump 2020🇺🇸https://t.co/cgu99wziyg

🚨RED ALERT IN N.Y.🚨 You may not like N.Y. but you should be worried about what's going down there. Its the blueprint of a left-fascist takeover of a urban society by means of sheer tyranny. If they get away with it...your community might be next🚔🚨🚔 https://t.co/aKKoRMUYCc

THE GREAT MAILBOX SWINDLE📬 Panicked Dems and their MSM heralds are head over heels about their latest hoax of disappearing mailboxes~presumingly stolen by Trump supporters😂🤣 A hoax so easily unmasked that it shows what dire strait they are in! https://t.co/hwQbdslJxl

@realDonaldTrump It breaks my heart to see what has become of the greatest City on Earth. Its worse than in the seventies. Where are the golden years of Giuliani? There is only one man to work the miracle to bring it back. A New Yorker himself-POTUS🦅 https://t.co/BYpRZO8d9Q

NO GOOD WILL COME - Preview the album https://t.co/qpIwD2wDWc - Available at https://t.co/7xzoiHaG4Q in CD and mp3 formats. NO GOOD WILL COME and WE ARE DEPLORABLE also available in mp3 download. A donation from each sale is made to Vietnam Vets of America and NC4HomelessVets

LATAM FOR TRUMP pays tribute to President @realDonaldTrump , the best story in the US. On November 3, history is ours and is written by those who know. VOTE TRUMP !! @Lrihendry @RealJamesWoods @kimguilfoyle @IvankaTrump @AmyKremer @RealDrGina @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom @SebGorka https://t.co/cRAsvJGs4p

⬆️🚨HELP🚨⬆️ The military pushed THE TRIAL date until after this election for a reason! It must continue unabated! #Benghazi was about #JavalinMissiles and #BidenKnew. #911Anniversary Are these "things" EVEN human??? https://t.co/Sa5iypxrFg

⬆️ This will be my 11th 9/11 TRUTH Anniversary on the Twittersphere. We know so much more now. #Benghazi #Bldg7DEMO #WheresTheBoeing sure, but what about Brennan? ⏰ #Durham Call it a hunch. He was instrumental in both events. Guess what? #BidenKnew https://t.co/kN3WyDb4W8

☠️Guess what else happened on the #911Anniversary? That's right. AND #BidenKnew! He does #Pay2Play too. ⚔️The (((PUSH))) is here. REPLY 2 JQIN #BenghaziAintGoingAway #FeedGITMO https://t.co/B7CekOpQaF

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