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The glaciers in the Himalayans are melting at an alarming rate. Here's why we should all fight to save them: https://t.co/aveKkbtyHX

Did you know that some waves can travel across an entire ocean, taking more than a week to crash into the shore? Learn more about the science of hanging 10: https://t.co/xWlxL7ljkh

Here's why you should try to be vulnerable online β€” even if it's scary. Watch @JonnySun's full TED Talk here: https://t.co/LSDDBihHju https://t.co/q5N77Oa8K6

"Emotions create habits. Not repetition. Not frequency. Not fairy dust." β€” behavior scientist @bjfogg https://t.co/wOfcTmjlUK

How to let go of "I don't have time," "I'll start next week," "I'm too out of shape to work out," and the other lies you've been telling yourself: https://t.co/qNvkmHiTiR

Find your next binge-worthy TV show, thought-provoking podcast, beach read β€” and even cheese bread recipe! β€” here: https://t.co/JP6QHxym9g

What exactly do bacteria talk about? Attacking us! 😬 Here's why spying on them and translating their language could pave the way to stopping them before they can make us sick. https://t.co/pIjPNVEITr

"Students shouldn't be viewed as empty buckets to be filled with facts but as co-creators of knowledge." - @AlvinIrby https://t.co/2BuE70i1Lj

TED Talks
16 hours ago

Happy #July4th! Need a primer on American government? We've got you covered. https://t.co/QhyqtOWRd9

What would a capitalist system that prioritizes the social good over profit look like? @AndrewYang has some ideas: https://t.co/b67dmy3UhV

Want to help empower marginalized people and communities? Here are 8 actions you can take right now, according to activist @Deray Mckesson: https://t.co/1Mgzi7HIKM

"There are millions of immigrants just like me, in front of me, behind me and all around me. It's our country, too." https://t.co/ygOyza2pr3

"A truly successful life is the one which is spent in the pursuit of becoming the best possible version of yourself when you take that last breath." Watch the full TED Talk from Bhakti Sharma (@bhaktisharma4) here: https://t.co/sPM93fe3Lz https://t.co/Vzii8GmL9A

How movies like "Spotlight" and "The King's Speech" and "Juno" all got made, thanks to an anonymous email chain called The Black List: https://t.co/qHysEH7Urq

All hail this independent woman! πŸ‘‘ When the queen wasp begins her reign, she builds a brand new home for herself β€” without any help! https://t.co/utORqiGZbt

Turns out, an abandoned JCPenney's is actually quite creepy. https://t.co/LCQF7fbVzd

"The US presidency is probably the most talked about and least understood office in the world." https://t.co/eQJfuhqitK

Having a birth certificate is a human right, but over one billion people don’t have one. Here's why this is a huge problem: https://t.co/w9pLxagBNz

These adaptable underwater structures can help restore our eroding shorelines β€” and they're powered by 🌊! https://t.co/H6vSdGDLRj

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