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There's no real weight class and it's an exhibition fight but who do you wins McGregor x Poirier II? 🤔

Who’s really mentioning who?

Well @danthehangman sure picked it in his @stylebender prediction! 🙌 "It’s gonna be a one-sided ass whooping" #UFC253

I will be tuning in and happily be donating to to @DustinPoirier charity @thegoodfight on dec 12 #supernecessary

.@DustinPoirier just agreed to fight @TheNotoriousMMA in an exhibition fight for charity on December 12th! 👀

📷 @GettyImages

.@DustinPoirier just agreed to fight @TheNotoriousMMA in an exhibition fight for charity on December 12th! 👀 📷 @GettyImages

@SubmissionRadio Absolute Legends and a top top podcast from the lads in Australia . Huge shoutout from Ireland massive fan and all #mma #ufc fans If you haven’t see these lads in action on @SubmissionRadio on #YouTube defo give them a #follow & #subscribe excellent guests and two class acts 👍🏽👍🏽

Jack Hermansson believes he will "dominate" Darren Till because of his style in their fight: "I believe that I’m going to be able to really dominate Darren. And if I say that Whittaker has a style that is tough to me, I think Till has, not an easy style, but easier."

"I hope that he continues to win until I fight him. And I want to be the one that dethrones him.” @jackthejokermma confirms he was cheering for Israel Adesanya at #UFC253

On his way home from #UFC253, @stylebender stopped to sign gloves for a few young fans in the Las Vegas airport. (via andreipaulet_wrestling/Instagram)

"Dana White came up to me after my fight immediately and said, ‘hey, we want to do you versus Street Judas Masvidal’. I accepted right on that night, in that minute. So, he knows I’m on board, the UFC knows" Colby confirms he's already accepted the fight with Masvidal next 👀

@SubmissionRadio have the best mma interviews in the game via @YouTube

"They were violent. I mean, he was unconscious multiple times. I left Woodley in a pool of his blood and unconscious once or twice, but Jorge Masvidal, it was ten times the effect on him." Colby Covington on dominating Jorge Masvidal in sparring sessions more than Tyron Woodley

“I still feel that Whittaker is a harder match-up for me. And that’s just because I know what kind of striking styles I have a problem with in training" Jack Hermansson explains why Israel Adesanya is still an easier match-up for him than Robert Whittaker

"I’m gonna try to break that knee and I’m gonna try to kick it and do everything I can in my power to get that win. I’m not gonna be cautious at all.” Jack Hermansson won't show Darren Till's injured knee any mercy if he catches it in their fight in December

"I'm one hundred percent sure that he doesn’t want to fight me on the ground, not a chance" Jack Hermansson responds to Israel Adesanya's #UFC253 post-fight comments about testing his ground game against him 📺:

Hold on everyone! Seeing as @jackthejokermma is fighting @darrentill2 next, he wants in on this Rawdogg sweepstakes too! Are possible Rawdogg shares on the line for the big fight in December? 🤔😂 📺:

2 days ago

@SubmissionRadio @ColbyCovMMA @LynchOnSports @SevereMMA @SevereMMAPod @PodcastOneAU My favourite interviewers interviewing my favourite fighter. Love you guys, unbiased and always entertaining!

.@ColbyCovMMA says he wants Jorge Masvidal in a Pay-Per-View Main Event: "I’m not going to be looking to dance on his feet like Marty Fakenewsman did, I’m gonna be looking to dance on his face, break his face and he’s leaving that octagon in a body bag, mark my words.”

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