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@nytimes @ggreenwald And he has no serious symptoms. Rather proving his point.

@JoeBiden Considering the far left rioting going on in many cities I have a feeling many people will go elsewhere and feel considerably less optimistic. You demented moron.

@SpeakerPelosi @WHO The WHO was telling people that there was no human-to-human transmission in February- while you told your fans to go party in chinatown and that Trump was a "racist" for travel restrictions. Their leader also fawns over China as though Xi (Winnie) has his shaft down his throat.

@GravelInstitute Because the joblessness is being reabsorbed and the pandemic is a bunch of horse shit. The idea of dystopian Orwell-esque censorship transcends all ages and must be stopped at all hazards. Self proclaimed leftists used to know this before selling out.

"Like dude I'm such a free thinker man like, look at this, Bill Gates said I have to wear a mask, I totally tricked mine out. It says 'truck fump' like I am such a rebel wow man lololol"

Shitting on the demented, lemming-like, slavery loving, self-shackling maskleft right now feels similar to shitting on war pig loving, faux-conservative Dubya fans around 2006 or so.

@GravelInstitute Because it's easier and more reasonable to simply support eliminating cancel culture.

See a dumb comment by a person wearing a mask? Respond "fuck your mask" and ignore them as the cowardly dregs they are.

Quoted @CaldariWaifu

@jaredlholt Yet Crowder, Styx & countless others w/far larger reach/accounts remain. 🙄

Leftist with a hammer and sickle in xir's username laments me still being on Youtube. Part of Jared Holts totally-not-mentally-crippled audience.

Ketchup goes with very good meatballs loaded with onion-ey goodness. #Food

Ketchup goes with very good meatballs loaded with onion-ey goodness. #Food

@BernieSanders True. Now do your part; tell your mindless rabble of fans to stop rioting and attacking people and burning businesses and shooting others then. Maybe they should do something productive.

@TRHLofficial I didn’t make any of these though so I don’t know if that counts

@TRHLofficial I didn’t make any of these though so I don’t know if that counts

@JoeBiden The ones still being hampered by blue state lockdown paranoia? Open things back up. We didn't ban premarital sex when the AIDS epidemic was at peak in the 80s did we?

How do Biden fans feel about the fact that even if Biden were elected, their vote would still have not mattered because he will not be making any of his own decisions and will just be a steward figurehead for a cabal of oligarchic war pigs and billionaires?

@Ilhan Progress? Like looting store fronts, destroying irreplaceable historical markers, and promoting religious zealotry? lol

@PeteButtigieg It isn't important and we can't lead a globalist order run by a literal communist and partnered with China, nor should we bother to try.

@BernieSanders No it wouldn't. You just want "free" (debt or tax funded) everything. Shut up primary loser.

@JoeBiden He is. You aren't. That's what makes you and your fans angry.

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