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Recently spoke to a group of senior business leaders. All believed that not extending Brexit transition would be v bad for their businesses and the economy. But none was willing to speak out in public, for fear of punishment by No 10. Not a healthy way to run UK. @CER_London

@DmitryOpines @BestForBritain @instituteforgov @NFUtweets @Minette_Batters @CBItweets @cbicarolyn @The_IoD @AllieRenison 2/ I remember when @The_IoD members backed a #PeoplesVote by 46% to 44% against and the IoD did nothing much. @NFUtweets @Minette_Batters @CBItweets @cbicarolyn @The_IoD @AllieRenison Who do these organisations actually work for? https://t.co/izB0xtJnFE