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If you think Trump is freaking out about losing the election, Mexico just realized they only have a month and a half to pay off that fence.

In epidemiology class my teacher always said as long as at least one country has more dead people than us, WE WIN!

What's the betting line on Trump attending Biden's inauguration?

If you cross check these new Covid deniers against original Holocaust deniers, I suspect we'd find some overlap.

Game recognize game. https://t.co/RygBlFMjXf

Game recognize game. https://t.co/RygBlFMjXf

Just read that there are over 3,000 different types of snakes, and I might be alone on this but that seems unnecessary.

Watching @KevinHart4real's new comedy special #ZeroFucksGiven and it's absolutely hilarious, and every bit as good as my stand-up!

We'll trade you one of Trump's "Patriotic Education" classes, but your sleazebag kids also have to pass a semester long course on ethics. *Must be completed prior to 11th grade before they drop out for the GED.

If you pretend we hired Trump like a specialist to try and destroy the country on purpose to test our security measures & find weak links then it kind of makes sense, and now we know how to repair it. Let me be the first to say he did a great job, 4 stars! We found all the bugs.

GOV'T/TRUMP/ICE: To prevent human trafficking we orphaned 545 kids from their parents and we're keeping them in cages at the border. REASONABLE PERSON: That sounds like human trafficking

It'll be a real tragedy if the polar ice caps melt before we can frack them.

You knew it was coming, but that has to be a new speed record. https://t.co/hz0Q2FCAAE

You knew it was coming, but that has to be a new speed record. https://t.co/hz0Q2FCAAE

Wait, have we been demonizing the demon community this whole time? #NotAllDemons

Trump lost to Obama's sidekick.

{falls to knees, arms raised} {cheers at sky in celebration} Wait, what is that? Oh, no. [asteroid]

In a surprise move Barack Obama has been appointed to a new cabinet position as Secretary of Everything.

Imagine if Trump tried to prevent the coronavirus pandemic the way he's trying to prevent this election. You'd all have jobs, concert tickets, and a quarter million nannas alive and whipping up sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. That's a lot of sweet potatoes.

Bet workers stuck counting the 100,000 record new COVID-19 cases today would love to be counting ballots right now.

Hey Nevada, why you taking so long? Nevada: Sorry, we didn't plan on being relevant since no one ever gave a shit about us before. We're a desert where people come to cheat on their spouses, and we barely got 2 blackjack dealers to take off work to count these mf'ing things.

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