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"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President." Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States.

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Quoted @davidplouffe

All things Florida with @TheRickWilson and @steveschale. And @SteveSchmidtSES and I talk about the state of the race and what we are watching for this week.

Listen if you can. We had a great discussion about Florida with @davidplouffe @TheRickWilson and @steveschale @therecount

Quoted @gmukunda

This is my read as of this morning. This is a political nightmare for the GOP. Every choice leads to electoral disaster.

In each direction there is political death.

Quoted @JoeNBC

“I want you to use my words against me. If there’s a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said let’s let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination.” ~Lindsey Graham March 10, 2016

What a despicable and principless liar. Terrible. Unfit. Get him out @harrisonjaime

@ProjectLincoln FIGHT, REGISTER, VOTE. I DISSENT are the most American of words. Thank you Madame Justice. May your memory be a blessing. We all know that it is.

and meeting Washington and Lincoln. Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas are there. Susan b Anthony is there and so is Elise Wiesel. A great champion of freedom has arrived in heaven. Her work is done. Her burden is now our’s. Let us honor her legacy by doing our duty.

Let us strike it down. We will. Vote. @ProjectLincoln @JoeBiden @votevets @actblue @RVAT2020 @crookedmedia @prioritiesUSA @PodSaveAmerica @PaulBegala @JamesCarville @davidplouffe @davidaxelrod. Have joy in this fight. RBG is with her husband again. She is arguing with Scalia

Protested segregation, absorbed the beatings and marched across the Edmund Pettus bridge are watching and judging us. We are in the right and for the right. We are fighting for the good. Trumpism is UNAMERICAN. It is illiberal, demagogic,dishonest, cruel, corrupt and disgusting

Stood their ground on a field in Lexington and Gettysburg. The men who stormed the beaches of Normandy and dropped from the skies over France to crush fascism are smiling at our cause. The men and women who taught the world the meaning of the words “human dignity” as they

Trumpism. Let us put it down with righteous anger and fury. Let us resolve to never let this happen again. Let us do our duty as American citizens. Let us be conscious that we are called to safe action when we consider the blood, sacrifice and courage of ordinary people who

Inheritance, future and fundamental goodness. 200,000 of our country men and women are dead. At least 150,000 of them could be alive but for Trump’s lethal lying and the immoral; supine complicity of his collaborators and enablers. Let us resolve to rise up and strike down

What we do now matters. Our Capitol is occupied by a cabal of small and low men and women who have betrayed all of us, the American experiment, their oaths and basic decency in service of a corrupt and malignant cult of personality that is vandalizing our principles, ideals,

or of your countrymen and women. Do not let the fascists, racists and conspiracy theorists make you afraid of your neighbors or the strangers who could be your friend. We should all be grateful that we have been chosen by this rancid and dangerous hour to stand up and fight.

Do Not Be Afraid. Do Not Tremble. Do Not Waiver. Do not doubt either the goodness of our people or the possibilities for our future. Do not let small men with tyranny and malice in their heart (@realDonaldTrump) or hypocrites with no core (@VP) make you afraid for our future

Quoted @vmsalama

There is no one more kind or more professional than @AliVelshi

.@AliVelshi is tough and hard in a way that Trump could never understand. Ali is courageous and put himself in harms way in the name of truth and for the proposition that the American people are entitled to it. Slow down. Think about how sick this is. The cheers are sick. Sick

Stay steady. Stay calm. We are winning. There are more of us. This country will reject Trump’s insanity. @JoeBiden and @SenKamalaHarris are performing at a very high level. They are dialed in. They are the Hawk and the Eagle. Trump and Pence are the prey. The rat and the mouse

Quoted @SaraGideon

Last night, I went to bed with a heavy heart. This morning, I woke up determined to continue fighting for justice with the same courage and conviction that Justice Ginsburg displayed every day. Together, we will march forward in her memory. Thank you, Justice Ginsburg.

Last night, I went to bed with a heavy heart. This morning, I woke up determined to continue fighting for justice with the same courage and conviction that Justice Ginsburg displayed every day. Together, we will march forward in her memory.

Thank you, Justice Ginsburg.

You are going to be a United States Senator that can be trusted and who will have the guts to fight for Maine and stand up for people. Send @SaraGideon $. Every dollar counts. @ProjectLincoln. Let’s get rid of Collins.

Ignominious step and become fully Members of a rubber stamp Politburo. How many will insist on a process of confirmation that isn’t rushed hackneyed, and simply a Potemkin side act in Trump’s malignant reality show Presidency? Soon we will find out. It is all on the line. vote 7

American people in the fairness and equity of the system. Just because you can do something doesn’t meant it should be done. McConnell’s abuse of power will have massive negative consequences. It will be interesting to watch how many Republican Senators will take that final 6/

Restraint from the unprincipled, hypocritical and divisive act of Majoritarianism that McConnell is advancing. McConnell bears great responsibility for breaking the institution of the Senate. His acts will break the Supreme Court by shattering the faith and belief of the 5/

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