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Steve Kim
12 minutes ago

Quoted @WildCardKing

@StevESPNKim He’s one of my favorite people I had met in boxing. Always had great stories and once the drinks flowed it was a great time! Rest easy legend!


Muratalla, a pre-school teacher, used the pandemic as an opportunity, not as an excuse. Good for him! #boxing

Zepeda handles Castaneda in clear decision win... #boxing

.@ChonZepeda holds his ground in the Top 10 of the crowded Junior Welterweight division, earning an impressive Unanimous Decision over Kendo Castaneda (98-92 x2, 97-93). #ZepedaCastaneda

Does Zepeda always leave you wanting just a bit more? #boxing

I really wonder how Zepeda would do with Teddy Atlas as his trainer, a guy that just wont let him coast, at all. That would be an interesting union. It's not about the skill with him... #boxing

Trainer Eddy Reynoso is confident that @KingRyanG will sleep Luke Campbell 😴

Trainer Eddy Reynoso is confident that @KingRyanG will sleep Luke Campbell 😴

Heading down the home stretch in Vegas 👀 Final rounds of #ZepedaCastaneda are LIVE NOW on ESPN.

@StevESPNKim It’s cereal, than milk.

Quoted @CarlMoretti

@StevESPNKim I think when Baranchak pulled out, he took his foot off the gas in training. I think.

Now he's taking his foot off the gas pedal in the fight...

This is where Zepeda has to have a finishing instinct, leave an impression, don't just cruise to a wide decision. #boxing

I’m liking Tim Bradley’s commentary. He’s honest about his opinion and doesn’t just agree with everything. Maybe some of being in camp with Teddy Atlas rubbed off on him lol

Zepeda does something really nice, after all those straight lefts, the second Castaneda's head comes out in front of his lead foot, he shoots an uppercut, right on cue. That's a real craftsmen... #boxing

Zepeda really is skilled, everything flows so naturally for him in that ring... #boxing

Zepeda is just slowing chipping away at Castaneda... #boxing

Lopez upsets Vences; preschool teacher Muratalla stays unbeaten ... #boxing

Retired Cejudo eyes fight with boxing star Garcia

Zepeda is smooth as silk in there... #boxing

Boxing Twitter,  here you go. #venceslopez

Boxing Twitter, here you go. #venceslopez

@JoeDelguyd @StevESPNKim I’m rooting for Kendo he’s my boy!!

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