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Stacia Sherman Garr



Co-founder, RedThread Research, former Bersin by Deloitte. MBA UC Berkeley. Mom. Outdoor lover & explorer.

San Francisco Bay Area
Joined on January 21, 2011

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Many of you all saw our report on gender, performance management, and #covid19 (see comments for a link if you didn't). Here's an opinion piece from Monica Hesse at The Washington Post that captures the issue we were addressing in…

Thanks for the inclusion on this list, Engagedly Inc. I was really thrilled to see a higher percentage of #peopleofcolor than is often on these lists -- and not just in the #diversityandinclusion section. Also great to see a lot of friends -- too many to…

#peopleanalytics friends! I'm interested to know how you are supporting #socialjustice and #blm at your organizations. We've (obviously) seen a ton of activity related to #covid19, but less in this area. I'm thinking of work simila…

This morning we released two studies on gender and performance management -- with one specifically focused on #covid19. Our key takeaway? We are failing women when it comes to performance -- but the systemic changes we need to make…

I love me some beautiful infographics. Feast on this one... (And then ask yourself why there is almost NO focus on people, like the impacts on mental health, families' financial well-being, etc.) #covid19

Want to see the results of our #peopleanalytics poll a few weeks ago, about PA #technology? Check it out here:

It was a real privilege for Priyanka Mehrotra and me to speak with some of the most forward-thinking #peopleanalytics leaders in our field about how they keep their teams aligned to business needs. Here is the first of two articles…

When we started this research two years ago, we had no idea of the volatility to come. Yet, here we are, and it is done -- our guide to helping orgs build so they can handle crazy times. I'm so proud of our team's work on this! RedThread Research

I'm looking forward to speaking on this panel at Visier Inc.'s #outsmart event on Thursday. Join us at 9:30 am PT to talk about the most relevant topics in #peopleanalytics today. #diversityandinclusion and #covid19 are at the top of my list.

So proud! #launchamerica Loved hearing the back story on #Artemis — the sister of Apollo and moon goddess. Hopefully there will be more women and #poc on those expeditions.

So proud! #launchamerica Loved hearing the back story on #Artemis — the sister of Apollo and moon goddess. Hopefully there will be more women and #poc on those expeditions.

a month ago

"The whole world saw this mission and we are so, so proud of everything you’ve done for our country and, in fact, to inspire the world." - Administrator @JimBridenstine congratulates @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug who just arrived aboard the @Space_Station. #LaunchAmerica

Back to@watching the #LaunchAmerica! God speed and good luck!!

My kiddos are watching their first space shuttle launch! So excited!! Thanks for all the great coverage @NASAKennedy #launchamerica

I really enjoyed our conversation on the opportunities and challenges for #diversityandinclusion during #covid19 today with Jocelyn Caldwell, Suzanne McAndrew, @paulrubenstein1, and @lexymartin. Thank you so much Visier Inc. for inviting me to be a part o…

Calling all #peopleanalytics practitioners and vendors! Come tell us what you think we should focus on in our 2020 People Analytics Tech Study. Here's a link to a two-question poll:

Join me and the #PeopleAnalytics community at 8 am PT on May 20 for a community-led open forum - We will be discussing how people analytics can help understand, measure, and improve your diversity and inclusion strategies to navi…

I'm really looking forward to this discussion on Thursday with @aladamsen. Thanks Perceptyx, Inc. for making it possible.

I've gotten a couple of requests for this information lately, and am not sure where to point folks, so... going to put it out here on LinkedIn: #HR consultant friends, are any of you doing return-to-workplace consulting? Also, #hrtechnology and #people…

We're starting this webinar in about 30 minutes -- really looking forward to it! Fair warning, though -- it won't be only 30 minutes long. There is so much to talk about on this topic!! Join us if you can! RedThread Research Melissa Arronte

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