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7 hours ago

Concerned about China? Clearly @Disney and @Google aren't. @AndrewKlavan exposes the truth ⬇️⬇️⬇️ @realDailyWire https://t.co/xGiFQs5rin

川普1988年(42岁)参加一场脱口秀时谈美国存在高额贸易逆差的问题 https://t.co/DLuE6H5xO7

Former football star Tim Tebow talks about his newfound passion of fighting against trafficking alongside Ivanka Trump and Attorney General Barr: https://t.co/Z1CNEior0L

“You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent” Joe Biden This 47 year career do nothing government employee thinks he can actually beat @realDonaldTrump and the Silent Majority of Digital Soldiers VOTE 🔴 2 SAVE 🇺🇲 https://t.co/gGpK7Ywz2k

Desmond Pulliam is a high school senior in Texas with autism spectrum disorder. Tonight, during his schools rivalry game, he scored his first career touchdown. Look at that hustle! Sports are awesome. Congrats, Desmond! https://t.co/IdgXsBIrFK

Fighting over small sh*t https://t.co/fOEmoZ2HU5

And now a moment for our sponsors. https://t.co/D9Gx0nl4JK

Quoted @approject

Facebook just censored our PAC's $4 million ad campaign in Michigan attacking @JoeBiden and @SenGaryPeters for their support for radical policies that would destroy women's sports. https://t.co/dH8d8QrK7p

Looks like @Facebook is interfering in an election Again. But wait #FakeNewsMedia and #Democrats will say #Russia #Russia #Russia https://t.co/FOGEJZxWsc


It’s unfortunate that he lost his life, HOWEVER..... #RicardoMunoz bought that one playboy.

Word! https://t.co/NBuBXHfVlj

Quoted @ElijahSchaffer

PENNSYLVANIA: police fire more gas at BLM protesters marching on the precinct https://t.co/pYR1gMprMy

That guy was never picked for kickball team. White people stay home #AntifaTerrorists wannabes. #LancasterPA https://t.co/c4FbvgJ6P8

Judge: Pennsylvania's business closure orders were unconstitutional https://t.co/u2u8jxfwhR

BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE! MUST CREDIT! I have rare footage of Trump saying, in March, he is purposefully trying to give people hope despite Covid being a deadly pandemic. https://t.co/nJ3VKHcqfA

ICYMI: New Hampshire Voter Fraud EXPOSED by @Project_Veritas https://t.co/ErPJHBmaBt

15 days ago

“.... I think we need to focus on the action and the work that the president has been doing.” We need more man like him to set the record straight. https://t.co/ywsx8TdMVh

Takin out the trash. https://t.co/vv8kWYNnkv

Anyone that stands with #BlackLivesMatter is AGAINST the advancement of Black people. If you stand against the Black family, I stand against you! I said what I said! https://t.co/GmIsNxEobg

I stood up out of my wheelchair on my own for the first time today! It took me 1,220 days to achieve this goal, and it was worth every second. No better way to celebrate Labor Day! https://t.co/XuJIVMuwL8

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