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The Leader in wholesale portion control meat manufacturing, processing the absolute finest cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal in New England.

Brockton, Ma
Joined on November 30, 2011

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Just posted a video @ Newburyport, Massachusetts

Chefs know. Support your chefs at your local restaurants. Chefs know Best. Only the Best! #cheflife #thebostonbutcher #southshoremeats #onlythebest

Sunday Sizzle with Football & Oakdale Farms Marinated Meats 😎🔥. Give your grill what it DESERVES 👍 Only The Best Premium Meats! #patriots #gopats #oakdalefarmsmarinatedmeats #thebostonbutcher #onlythebest

Never forget. Together we remember. @ United States

This seems like it's is just the right thing to do. Do the right thing! 🙏 Choose Only The Best. #southshoremeats #onlythebest #thebostonbutcher #dotherightthing

We hope everyone has a Happy & Safe Labor Day! #laborday #usa @ United States

Labor Day Weekend Forecast: Sun, Fun and Only the Best Marinated Meats on Grills all Weekend Long!! 👍🤙😎🔥🇺🇸 #oakdalefarmsmarinatedmeats #thebostonbutcher #labordayweekend #onlythebest @ United States

LABOR DAY Weekend is approaching which means we need to Recognize & Thank ALL the Laborers in the Restaurant Community who continue to keep the Restaurant Industry going!!! It's time for another Restaurant STRONG…

We're heading into the weekend delivering the finest meats, to the local grocers and restaurants across the Northeast and beyond!! Thank you everyone for all the support! 🙏 #grateful

Season liberally! And get a nice crust if you're using a flat top grill. Get the heat as high as you can get it 🔥🔥 #bostonstripsteak #cityofchampions #supportlocal #supportchefs #supportrestaurants…

You know It's ok to enjoy an alternative meat sometimes!! 😉🦞🦞🦞 😍 #lobstah #summah #weekendvibes #onlythebest #cityofchampions #titletown #beantown @ Boston, Massachusetts

PREMIUM. There's definitively a difference. Have you tasted all of our various marinated products?? Do work at a local restaurant or local market? Connect with us here or at and learn how…

Chefs! How do you prep your favorite Friday Night Steaks?! #weekendvibes #cheflife #onlythebest #cityofchampions

Gluten Free?!! YES!! And your customers will keep coming back for more! 🙌 Connect with us here on social or and learn how your establishment can offer Oakdale Farms Marinated Meats like…

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