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If you're only interested in certain parts, everything is timestamped for you in the description. I really did try to make it into a digestible length - but this was the best I could do to give true justice to the situation.

After what you all have seen/read/heard, a 90 minute statement is insulting, i know. but this covers a wide range of allegations spanning over 7 years. I try to provide the complete truth of all accounts, and there aren't any shortcuts when dealing with something this serious.

I don't know what else to say. never in my life would i want to hurt this many people and im more sorry than words can express so i just hope my actions of contrition to follow convey how much i want to truly make things right for all involved.

I won't be on twitter. I won't be on facebook. I just cant be. I'm not ignoring your messages directly but I am 10000% not as strong of a person as I thought i was and all i can focus on and handle is this document. it should be out within a few days, no more than 2.

I need it to be perfect. It's taking a long time because this isn't a document about defending me, its about the raw truth - and making sure that everything im saying is just the facts of the matter takes a LOT of time but I'm getting it done.

But I don't think I deserve to die over this. Whether you think that, or that I should be in jail, or forgiven, or deplatformed, or just plain canceled in any sense i ask that before you finalize your opinion PLEASE read the Google Doc when it's done. I'm working hard on it.

Anyone I hurt doesn't owe me a chance to make things right, but the creditors MUST be paid regardless of any outcome. Whether you follow me or not, I will be taking action to eliminate all debt that contributed to the 'Sky House'. Actions speak louder, I know.

But despite what people say, YOU are the judge. The same people who gave me a platform, the audience, its entirely up to you. If after everything is out and after i've paid my creditors and attempted to make things right w/ the victims if I still need to go, then I will.

Actions speak louder than words, and i've said a lot of words for a life time so, I'm going to complete that Google Doc - and I am going to update it with information when and if more people come forward with things. I'm not looking to run away from any of this at all.

I would think about the same faith people put in me when they gave me that money - and I would try to use that to motivate me but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't even clean my own room. I lived in such disgusting conditions in my personal living space. I still don't know why.

This was never a scheme. This was never a trick. I truly believed that when I asked for money, to pay for this house and its occupants that THIS would be the time I would get it right, and I never did. I was stuck, angry, and I took it out on everything and everyone around me.

I still think it's my duty to release the full and complete statement of the 'Sky House' and the activities therein. Nothing will ever justify the pain I've caused, but my hope is that it shows you that I am not a monster, though I've caused the same pain as one.

All I can do is try to be a better person and make things right. With the information out currently it would be impossible for anyone to think that I have it in me to be better but I can be. I can be the Sky that inspired and entertained people in the first place again.

The repercussions of my actions are not lost. I'm in debt to creditors both in personal relationships and the IRS as you can imagine. I've no credit, no savings, this isn't for you to pity me at all, its to express that I certainly am not 'living well' and I deserve that in FULL

The pain I've caused my creditors was always something weighing heavy on my mind - when I ended the 'sky house' months ago, I streamed for 67 days and began paying people back slowly. I was making an effort. It was slower than I wanted but I was bridging the gap.

I will not lie to you. After Reckful's passing, the chants to take my own life echoed harder than it ever has. I have never let those comments get anywhere near my heart, but this time they broke the doors down and completely took over. I'm scared, but I'm present for this.

Though my intentions have never been to hurt anyone, the pain still exists. I hurt a lot of people, my fans, my followers, my family, my old roommates, my friends/ex friends, more than I can count. I have no intentions of writing a google doc and having things go back to normal.

The live stream statement was a massive mistake. I elected to not listen to any comments to not get distracted and I ended up hurting even more people than I already have with my actions for the past 7 years. I did it live because I felt it was the only non edited way to do this.

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