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The Victorian government has “just done what China’s done” by locking up 3,000 people in housing commission towers in order to get on top of the state’s COVID-19 outbreak, according to Liberal Senator @SenatorMcGrath.

Liberal Senator @SenatorMcGrath says the Labor Party needs to stop acting like a “second rate defence agent” for the actions of the Chinese communist dictatorship.

Labor’s 36 per cent primary vote in the Eden-Monaro by-election underlines how the ALP is “being deserted by hard working Australians” according to Sky News contributor Campbell Newman.

The prime minister’s recently announced $270 billion defence package recognises the “inexorable and malevolent rise of China” with its disruptive agenda in the region according to Sky News contributor Catherine McGregor.

Sky News host Paul Murray says there are five key takeaways from the Eden-Monaro by-election especially how it highlighted that “ferals are not quiet Australians”.

Sky News host Paul Murray says organisers of Black Lives Matter protests in Australia were not pleased to find out the cause is not quite as fashionable as it was only a month ago.

Flinders’ University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky says there are fears a bat virus discovered by the Wuhan Institute of Virology was tampered with to create the COVID-19 virus.

Home Affairs Minister @PeterDutton_MP moving into the defence portfolio in an imminent cabinet reshuffle would be a “very good improvement on the current situation” according to The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan.

While Australia is happy to collaborate and trade with China, the government is not going to be “told what to do” by the communist superpower, and accept political interference according to former foreign minister Alexander Downer.

Sky News host @SharriMarkson says the outcome of the Eden-Monaro by-election is a “remarkable result for Labor” and one not even Opposition Leader @AlboMP expected.

Nationals Senator @mattjcan says his party clearly needs to respond better to the voters which includes taking a “more forthright view” within the Coalition.

.@AlboMP has congratulated @KristyMcBain for her victory in the Eden-Monaro by-election and denied he was under political pressure to retain the ultra-marginal seat

If @realDonaldTrump was able to defy expectations and win the presidency, perhaps @kanyewest can do the same in 2020, according to the Australian’s Institute’s @ebony_bennett

Labor candidate Kristy McBain has claimed victory over her Liberal counterpart Fiona Kotvojs in the hotly contested Eden-Monaro by-election

Despite “climate luvvie” @jacindaardern's dire warnings regarding global warming, New Zealanders are experiencing record snowfalls this season, according to Sky News host @rowandean.

Targeted support is being offered to public housing tenants locked-down in nine virus-affected towers around Melbourne.

Banking culture takes time and an attitudinal shift around incentive structures to change, according to Chairman of the Economics Committee and Liberal MP @TimWilsonMP.

Radical environmental activists are scaring a whole generation of children to falsely believe the world is on the brink of an environmental apocalypse, according to environmental policy expert @ShellenbergerMD.

Banking culture takes time and an attitudinal shift around incentive structures to change, according to Chairman of the Economics Committee and Liberal MP @TimWilsonMP.

The media’s response to President @realDonaldTrump's Fourth of July speech shows they are actively campaigning against him, according to Sky News host @pwafork.

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