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I was in the generation that grew up knowing human beings could destroy the human species. Now I'm watching it happen, not with a bang but a whimper.

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Spent the day reviewing 1,000+ resumes. It's heartbreaking to see people with master's degrees working retail; people with 3+ current jobs; people who've applied to 1,000 jobs with no luck. Everyone deserves a good job. But 44% of jobs are low-pay, with a median salary of $18k.

Veterans Affairs' single-payer program pays half as much as Medicare for the exact same drugs. There's absolutely no reason for this—other than greed. Congress must take on the pharmaceutical industry and make Medicare negotiate lower drug prices NOW.

Me and my boyfriend are getting high and laughing with @jimmy_dore @miserablelib @grahamelwood @RonPlacone and @MikeMacRaeMike The proceeds from tickets from tonight go towards California Homeless money we’ve ever spent, we’ve having a great time ☺️❤️

I am enjoying @Morning_Joe this morning, singing the praises of universal healthcare. They said it was too expensive when @BernieSanders proposed it. Prediction: by the end of this decade, all of Bernie’s agenda will be law and those in power will act like it was their idea.

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Find someone who'll defend you the way shitlibs defend the decision to give you less money.


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I’d much rather live in a society where everyone has healthcare, housing, and food than a society where 3 billionaires own more wealth than half the nation.

This tweet made me cry over my shift drink at the restaurant where I wait tables. This shouldn’t be so hard everyone!

Find someone who'll defend you the way shitlibs defend the decision to give you less money.

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Time to face the harsh reality, socialist Bernie Sanders will become the chairman of the Sen Budget Committee. He has vowed to use his position to enact his progressive agenda on healthcare, climate, infrastructure spending, & cutting defense spending. @standamericanow

Nikki Haley: Making socialism look good since 2011.

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Jimmy Dore on Fox News: "The first person to be de-platformed was Wikileaks and Julian Assange... If [Trump] knows what's good for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, he should take this moment and pardon Julian Assange."

I have no idea why people are acting psycho over this. Trump hears this. This is the best way to send a message to the President. Practically, he made great use of the platform.

@SenSanders its cheaper and easier to get cocaine than it is to get insulin in america

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If you would rather worship politicians than disrupt the failed status quo that is actively killing the people and the planet then get the hell out of the way.

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WATCH: Business owners at France's Chamonix ski resort have had their earnings slashed because of lockdowns

Yes. Any other dumbass questions?

"Here's something you hear a lot: 'Say what you will about capitalism, you can't deny it's lifted people out of poverty.' These champions of capitalism are slick, I'll give them that, but here's why they're wrong..." Special thanks to @GravelInstitute

I have to be honest, I'm sobbing while watching @spin_film's Hunger Ward. Yemeni kids are painfully & violently being starved to death. These crimes are unimaginable and unforgivable. How anyone can justify bombing and starving Yemen is just beyond me.

Dear Afghanistan, Here's @BernieSanders vs. @JoeBiden on the War in #Iraq in case you're worried. via @YouTube

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