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Quoted @CopsRBad

"Any chance I could get you guys to leave the Senate wing? This is like the most sacred of places." Asks the officer politely.

Imagine a world where police are as polite to unarmed Black motorists, Black men selling loosies, Black kids playing cops and robbers with toy guns and Black men and women sitting or sleeping inside their own homes minding their business as they are to insurrectionist lynch mobs.

Maybe white people are the ones we need to start "stopping and frisking". 🧐

This is a great interview with the kids. I’m not always the bad cop 😉What’s It Like to Have Kamala Harris As ‘Momala’? We Asked Her Stepkids

I feel like this by this point in 2017, we had WAY more media profiles of Trump voters than we do of Biden voters at this point in 2021. 🤔

Quoted @RebeccaWSMV

WATCH: FBI arrest South Nashville man in connection with the #CapitolRiot

I’m seeing an awful lot of chummy and polite arrests for these terrorists. After this insurrection we’ve witnessed it’s possible for the cops to treat people with dignity when they arrest someone, but so far we’ve only seen that “privilege” extended to white folks.

Memo to @cnn @brianstelter @ReliableSources. When you refer to the Vice President-Elect…use her title. She is not “Kamala.” She is Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. I never heard anyone call @VP Pence “Mike” in 4 years. Put some damn respect on her name and role!

Gaslighting is psychological abuse. When a person or group deliberately projects their behavior onto you to distort your reality and avoid responsibility that is gaslighting. It causes confusion, anxiety, and self doubt. The purpose is to enable continued abuse.

Friend called. Black guy. Doctor, heading south from CT to Fl. Tells me he was checking into a Courtyard Marriott in VA and he was advised: a big rowdy group has checked in. Do not stay here (for his safety). Keep driving.

This is parent abuse!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Quoted @gdigitalzsmooth

Looking back, these tweets really did not age well

Thoughts and prayers for Dave Weigel's unfortunate decision to compare Bernie Sanders to "The Hustler", a movie where the main protagonist doesn't discover himself until AFTER he causes great personal tragedy to a woman.

Quoted @BulwarkOnline

Last week Donald Trump released a short video claiming that "mob violence goes against everything I believe in." That was an extraordinary claim because it runs counter to what he has been saying for the last four years. New from @barubin

Every Republican senator needs to watch this. Then they can apologize for their silence over the last few years, and especially during the 2020 campaign and post-election period. Then they can show they're now serious about peace and truth and unity by voting to convict.

Quoted @WendellPierce

To my mentor and inspiration: Happy 90th Birthday to James Earl Jones. One of the greatest artist of our generation. May you be continuously blessed.

To my mentor and inspiration: Happy 90th Birthday to James Earl Jones. One of the greatest artist of our generation. May you be continuously blessed.

OK whew! Why #JamesEarlJones is trending! 🎂

Quoted @Lesdoggg

Don’t know who this dude is but he broke that shit DOWN!! Listen especially the ones that need to hear it!!


Lynn V
16 hours ago

Imagine being the parent of a 16 year old whose goal is to be an architect, a field where two percent are Black, & always reminding them to never slip up if they want to even have a shot at it. So yes, expecting our elected officials to meet a standard is fair & reasonable.

I keep seeing people say “monthly payments like every other country!” Most of those countries targeted the payments through unemployment algorithms just like the US did. If you don’t like that method, say so, but don’t be dishonest with a false comparison.

Hi Twitter I can't sleep again. I need to ramble and rumble myself into passive aggressively sleeping. The past 12 years haven't been easy for many but for those of us who are Jews of African descent in America it has been a trial by ordeal.

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