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Another health competition looming. Well I like @HwindiApp more.

Another health competition looming. Well I like @HwindiApp more.

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Mondays ain’t for me

Survived the day with bruises though 😩

Mondays ain’t for me

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I take poor communication as lack of interest


Welcome to the dirty thirties Doc @4tue07 more life to you and be blessed abundantly. 🥂

It worries me when I see people trying to portray a certain lifestyle that time you have financial obligations you are dodging. Financial literacy lesson number 1..never borrow to fund a lifestyle.

Do you all struggle waking up in the morning or it’s us, the selected few that get paid in RTGs?

Seeing Ginimbi posting pics of his new trim and realizing it ain’t MTG makes me happy 🤣. Mans is now available and humble. I can even make an appointment tomorrow 😂

I am thoroughly enjoying #MadhorofiyaFM it’s a good morning to be listening to good music from @KingKandoro

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anorexia? don't know her anymore

anorexia? don't know her anymore

The next thing you losing it again, is eating disorder a mental health issue? There are times I really wanna eat and weeks I can go from looking at the food and walk away after merely tasting it.

I wish Malaicha could diversify into clothing. We could do away with a lot of small businesses ripping us off our hard earned coins. The pricing strategies being implored leaves an opportunity for new ventures. After attitude, pricing comes 2nd in what could kill small businesses

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