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J.D. Martinez for president

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Breaking News: Jason Varitek is getting a Twitter. I may have to delete mine🤦🏻‍♀️ #RedSox #MLB

Marston Mills 📍💝

Boston Chinese food > rest of America's Chinese https://t.co/HkrCQijYFF

@mikehenrybro @SethMacFarlane Look I'm black and a voice actor and I don't think this is necessary. I appreciate the sentiment behind it but I don't think you should do this. This is your most iconic role! That's the beauty of voice acting, the actor's appearance (including skin color) DOES NOT MATTER.

John Lennon was a piece of shit and I feel like society gives him a pass. Imagine is a song you can wipe your ass too and that's about it.

Martha...Oje... Athena Hart, my heart goes out to you ❤ @DarkSideOfRing #OwenHart #KingofHarts

I fucking miss Patrice O'neal

If China had reported accurate numbers and the REAL date this started we would have had a much higher chance of containment but that's what you get with China. #ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied #coronavirus LOVE the people, HATE their government.

MRW everyone around me is starting to irrationally freak out and I'm stuck inside with no job https://t.co/K7szykhoAd

Don't believe a word of China's propaganda. This virus has A.) Been around way longer than we are told, and B.) The infected/death toll is MUCH higher than what's reported. Chinese people I have no problem with, but their government is full of corrupt pigs.

Thank you @TomBrady

Fuck Elizabeth Warren #WarrenDropOut

Massachusetts. Once again proving how retarded we are. #SuperTuesday

Dont disappoint me, Massachusetts #NeverBiden

Never Warren, Never Biden. #SuperTuesday

Seeing all these political ads over and over and over. Fuck Mike Bloomberg in particular. https://t.co/ikG8PbVKqm

@patspulpit The only talks with Dorsett should be “thank you and good luck.”

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