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Career criminal. Andy will never make it to jail. He knows way too many secrets. I suppose there are still some MS-13 members in need of a side job. Hate to be you, Andy.

They have been so kind as to warn us that the only outcome that does not lead to violence in the streets is a Joe Biden landslide. It is a blatant and disgusting attempt to extort your vote. Threatening violence if we do not give in to their demands.

"The same FBI lawyer who falsified evidence on a surveillance warrant application on Carter Page also signed off on predication for national security letters on the Flynn investigation." Will justice ever be served? (Red October) 🌩️

Did you give your hard-earned cash to this guy?
If you didn't, then you must be a racist.

LoL, Did you give your hard-earned cash to this guy? If you didn't, then you must be a racist.

"The same people who control the media are the same people who are part of the evil and corrupt system" I believe a person can and will block out reality. "See no evil, hear no evil" The best we can do is gather information and determine a logical conclusion based on the facts

Our POTUS and is that 17?...

Our POTUS and is that 17?...

If You Want to See the Real Difference Between Republicans and Democrats, Watch This Video. (

It's a good time to be a criminal. Bad is good. Good is bad. Chaos is now the norm. Joe Biden is the Democrat's choice for the next POTUS. Please God help us.

POTUS has repeatedly informed us of the dangers of China's infiltration. The Intel community has known for the past 4 yrs. So why would Democrats disagree? Why would Joe B. speak so highly of China? This is bigger than anyone wants to believe.

Goodbye Biden

Because they are convinced everyone is just stupid.

The FBI is demanding flight logs of 4helicopter and 3planes that Epstein used to transport individuals.

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