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Quoted @thehill

JK Rowling sparks controversy for tweet on gender: "Sex is real"

JK Rowling sparks controversy for tweet on gender: "Sex is real"

When did it become wrong to say someone born a man can’t bear children?

Quoted @thehill

Gabbard says she will introduce censure resolution for Trump

Gabbard says she will introduce censure resolution for Trump

I think that has about as much chance of happening as her being the next president.

Quoted @Reuters

An eel's electric discharges are reflected in a Christmas tree light and sound display at the Tennessee Aquarium

Pretty fascinating...

#lovesyourass So today we’ve had talk about Trump’s ass, a strike in Tah-rir Square and a rebuttal from Taylor Swift. A bit too much posterior for me, I think.

Who was the brilliant ‘tard who came up with that title?

Quoted @charliekirk11

Today is #PronounsDay Here is an exhaustive list of pronouns, backed by science: He/Him/His She/Hers/Her Here is a VERY non-exhaustive list of progressive nonsense peddled as pronouns: Ze, Hir, Hirs Xe, Xem, Xyrs Per, Pers, Perself Ve, Ver, Vis There are only two genders RT

Yep, this pronoun thing has gone off the rails...

#TurkeyIsNotOurFriend I hate to say this, but I’m pretty sure turkey DOES become our friend late next month.

#WHC So, after seeing the first two episodes I see the show has potential. The only thing that lost me was the opening dialogue where someone was surprised two women ran an orphanage. It’s sort of like being shocked teachers were women at that time in North American history.

And, with your actions and that of Ms. Clinton, I had to give up on your party. Sometimes you need to let people adjust to survive under capitalism or else nothing improves.

Im confused. Don’t know if you took my job or if I have diabetes. I found out who’s inside me #SPandME

Quoted @Reuters

President Donald Trump said he does not believe Israel is spying on the United States after a published report said Israel was most likely behind cellphone surveillance devices found near the White House and elsewhere in Washington. More here:

They are spying on us, and, no, this isn’t a secret.

Quoted @LPNational

.@BernieSanders doesn't understand that changing how you get to a socialist government doesn't change what happens. Just because we do it "democratically" doesn't change the end results of socialist polices. #DemocraticDebate #DemDebate #DemDebates #DemocratDebate

Wish we could get all Americans to understand that. I like working for money. I like saving for my future. I don’t want or need it handed to me.

Quoted @RockNRollPics

On this day in 1975, Pink Floyd released "Wish You Were Here".

On this day in 1975, Pink Floyd released "Wish You Were Here".

Got to love “Welcome to the Machine.”

Quoted @LPNational

Libertarians believe that the War on Drugs is ineffective, unfair, and immoral. We advocate ending it.


Quoted @NBCNews

British PM Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has lost its working majority in Parliament after one of its lawmakers defected to the opposition during the prime minister’s speech.

What would anger me if I were Brit is knowing that parliament never wanted to follow through with the people’s vote. They have been undermining Brexit from the beginning. Why have an election? The MPs obviously don’t think British people have a right to their say.

Peace is always the best option. It's time our troops came home from the longest active combat zone in American history. #AfghanPeaceProcess #Afghanistan #EndTheWars

The protection of individual rights is the only proper purpose of government. R/T if you agree.

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