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Thanks judge Joe I wish all men could be like you who stands up for what is right

Quoted @blaquenationuk

Are these dresses a form of empowerment to help women feel more comfortable with their choices, or are they adding more pressure on women to look a certain way? An alternative to surgery?

Why can't women be themselves

Quoted @IrritatedGenie

@JudgeJoeBrownTV @Kthehermit The Gay Rights Platform of 1972 specifically pushed for "The Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent."

This is verification that the pedophilia thing has been a common cause with … for a very long time:

@eyeslikebadu @ImBlackISAYSO2 @SirapElyk My original tweet stipulated “boys & girls” & dirty old men & priests. That implies that there’re hetrosexual pedophiles. You’re pontificating from a misinformed position because your premise was embraced by the posting that started this thread.

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The Winter Holidays are coming. I’m hoping that all will be spending them with someone they love. If not, don’t despair, things will be better. Love is the greatest but it hurts so much when it’s not there, especially if recently lost.

Hi am missing show and any where enjoy your winter holidays

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