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state of Palestine
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“VOTE HIM OUT!” “VOTE HIM OUT!” 📌And the women rose up as one, and chased the monster away ... Just extraordinary ... (sound up) #DictatorTrump

The justice system worked exactly how it was designed to today. White men went unpunished for murdering a black women. Our system of laws policing are designed to brutalized black and brown people and shield their assaulters from retaliation.

Quoted @JesseDamiani

Oh my God. This gives me chills. Seen here: citizen militias patrolling in Louisville, KY. Notice the lack of police intervention. This is not what happens in a functioning democracy—this is what happens to a state on the verge of collapse. 📽 @BobDarrin

America is in a state of collapse. The Authoritarian President incites his armed thugs out to create violent clashes. America is exposed as a shell of the democracy it claims to be. Where are the police now? No intervention. No undercover officers here. American fascism unleashed

Quoted @UberFacts

Rabbits can smell their dead relatives in the feces of predators.

Why can’t we be more like this

Breonna Taylor 💔

Isn't refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power grounds for immediate impeachment and removal from office?

Quoted @SenSchumer

President Trump: You are not a dictator, and America will not permit you to be one. what’s the plan? The man has told us he won’t leave peacefully, he is stacking the court with Justices he knows will rule in his favor, and he is talking about tossing ballots. What is the plan?

Breonna Taylor was murdered. She was not reckless endangered. #BreonnaTaylor

Grapenuts as good as Christmas cookies


Quoted @CNNBusiness

Facebook has allowed political advertisers to target hundreds of misleading ads about Joe Biden and the USPS to swing-state voters in recent weeks, in an apparent failure to enforce its own platform rules less than two months before Election Day


Quoted @shqwnspencers

when jeremy strong wins his emmy tomorrow just know that This is why

Eric Trump’s NY fraud inquiry testimony🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼:

Leave me a message- comment, question, secret - anything. Here:

Quoted @AP

BREAKING: No officers charged directly in Breonna Taylor's death; 1 faces 3 counts over shooting into neighboring apartments.

I would like to know how this judge/jury would feel if their daughter was shot and killed in her home while she slept. Would this look like justice to them?

As someone who was Karen'd before Karens had a name, I was happy to be a small part of this video. Watch, enjoy & then take action w/ @colorofchange. written by @adammansbach & featuring @sarahcpr, @SarahKSilverman, @mrcraigrobinson, @TheLewisBlack.

Abolish ICE. This man fought California wildfires while incarcerated. For pennies. Risked his life. And then when ready for release, prison guards reported him to ICE. Now caged. Facing deportation to Laos. His family fled as refugees when he was just two.

Quoted @atrupar

"You can't give your wife a kiss goodnight. You have to wear a mask" -- Trump mocks public health measures that Democratic governors have implemented to try to slow the spread of coronavirus

Trump pretends to be the funny, dumb outrageous guys at his Nazi rallies but we heard him with Woodward. He was sharp.He knew the facts. He chose to ignore them and let tens of thousands die. This is a character. He is a murderer, not an entertaining politician. He is death.

Quoted @robreiner

“Unfit” is the best documentary I’ve seen explaining who Donald Trump is and just how dangerous another 4 yrs. of his Sociopathy would be to our Democracy. I urge everyone to see it.


The screen door slams/ Mary’s dress ➡️WAVES⬅️

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