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Hello! I help people learn programming with weekly projects! Always open to answering questions. He/Him

Akron, OH
Joined on April 23, 2011

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I got where I am by assuming hard things were easy things I just needed to bash my stupid head against and I learned a lot through that exercise of self-hate but that mindset doesn't serve me anymore

#100DaysOfProjects Day 16 I was hoping today would be the last day of safari, but my partner came home from a trip so we spent the evening catching up ☺️.

#100DaysOfProjects Day 15 Today is the second to last day of safari research! I've learned an absolute ton about my audience, but I've started to see some patterns and I'm excited to start putting things together!

This goes out to all the new programmers who feel bad for googling stuff #CodeNewbie

#100DaysOfProjects Day 14 It's the two week mark, and I feel like I have a ton of good Safari data! Some of the specific pains for this product are starting to become more clear. This has taken longer than I guessed, but I don't feel like I've wasted any time.

If you don't think you're qualified for an opportunity, you're also not qualified to determine if you're qualified for that opportunity. Don't self-reject. Apply!

#100DaysOfProjects Day 13 Yet more Safari! I've been doing more or less the same thing for almost a week now, and I'm still excited by it! Usually by now I'm distracted by a new idea, so I'm really glad that I'm still on track.

ME: *looking at ticket* I can't do this ME: *looking at code* oh ok repeat until death

So far I've done a fair amount of safari on that old laptop. It's a lot easier to focus when it's literally not possible to go on the Internet.

#100DaysOfProjects Days 11 & 12 I didn't make my tweet last night because I was up late actually doing stuff! After reading what feels like the 10th article about how great it is to work on an old laptop with no internet connection, that's exactly what I set up!

#100DaysOfProjects Day 10 Surprise Surprise! Another day of rest today! I did some light errands and enjoyed some much needed video games. I'm feeling pretty tired of gaming for the time being, so I'll be starting strong on more marketing research tomorrow πŸ’ͺ.

#100DaysOfProjects Day 9 Today has been a much needed rest day! I read this extremely professional account of self publishing a book. Got me thinking how to approximate this for a bit less than 10k...

#100DaysOfProjects Day 8 During today's research I learned about how important it is to have objective measures of progress when learning a new skill. There's a lot of new devs out there who feel like they're 'falling behind', because all they see are really experienced people.

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#100DaysOfProjects Day 7 More Safari yet again! Today I assembled 7 great threads, and over the next week I'll be Safari-ing one a day. I'll post some insights here so it's not too repetitive. I can't believe it's been a week already! It's been a productive one!

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#100DaysOfProjects Day 6 Did some light Sales Safari on my audience and I found some promising info! That lead me to a book called "How To Solve It", which I started reading. Time to start gathering some knowledge for this book!

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#100DaysOfProjects Day 5 I spent some time fixing an issue with the @WeeklyProjClub email service. I also did some boring paperwork and responded to some project submissions. That should give me time to focus on this ebook for the next 2ish weeks 😊

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#100DaysOfProjects Day 4 I wrote out and scheduled 2 weekly project club projects from my list from yesterday. I wanted it to be more, but many of them were flawed concepts. My list of 13 projects is now 6 good ones. I feel like that' progress!

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#100DaysOfProjects Day 3 Not much to report today, I spent a few minutes refining yesterday's project ideas. Now all that's left is to write them out as full project descriptions. I'm glad I still did something today, even a few minutes is better than nothing!

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#100DaysOfProjects Day 2 Today I wrote out some project ideas for the weekly project club. I've been slacking on it lately, so I came up with 14 new ideas so I don't have to worry about it during this challenge! I can hopefully write up and schedule those tomorrow.

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