1/ Thread on the MLB Negotiations Negotiations between owners and players have grabbed the attention of the masses and sparked real public discourse. Having played the game and now working in the business world, I thought I’d share my perspectives. In short, I’m Team Players.

  • 2/ Let me start by saying that I understand this is a very complex situation with real nuances. The MLB owners and PA have been cross-wise for years, which further contributes to the challenges here. Ultimately, good faith negotiations require transparency from both parties.

  • CL
    2 months ago

    @SahilBloom Owners are taking two hits to revenue (prorated season & ticket sales) & the players only want to take one (prorated season). W/out a 2nd concession, my gorilla math has the players prorated salaries @ 65% of revenue. Baseline is 45%-50%. How do you justify that increase?