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hi my name is alfred delia at home they call me big al and i hit dingers

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new avi thank you @pants

Improvisers are like β€œI know a spot” and then take you to a funeral at a dildo factory

this may be the most heartwarming thing i've seen. https://t.co/awdFnx6sNF

this may be the most heartwarming thing i've seen. https://t.co/awdFnx6sNF

remembering the episode of scrubs where kelso reprimands an intern for being bad at their job and then the intern redeems himself by beat-boxing well

Every day I wake up and I thank God for giving the Avengers the power and cunning they needed to defeat Thanos.

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Once auntie palmed the ball... I knew https://t.co/2cK7huqjVa

praise be https://t.co/S4X7ou4TGT

I imagine myself in my 60s catching up with my 30 yr old son. He tells me he's getting into this old show called Family Guy. He says it's the funniest thing he's ever seen.

Hope everyone in NYC is enjoying that alternate street parking

I like it when people refer to the internet as "the information superhighway"

You’re not a β€œRavenclaw” you’re 27 and you don’t know how to do your taxes.

mr. joshua
a month ago

donate $20 or more to the audre lorde project and I’ll draw your avi. just reply with a screencap of your donation and I’ll get drawin https://t.co/sTwbsxwaH5

a month ago

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BREAKING: Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood has ordered the suspension of both officers involved in viral video in Niagara Square tonight @wkbw

what about the other 50 who walked by and did nothing? https://t.co/G1V3MrPLBm

we can all agree that @NYGovCuomo should be forced to watch the video of Buffalo PD cracking that older man’s skull on the pavement and walking away as he bleeds out while he’s strapped to a chair Clockwork Orange-style before he is forced to resign tomorrow

starting to think most of the apples might be bad

call me crazy but I don't think the NYPD needs 6 billion dollars next year?

If you don't want $$ that's fine, but still send me that sweet bfast pic, offer open indefinitely

This is stupid but breakfast is important and i love looking at breakfast food, so if you're protesting/donating/promoting, take a pic of your tasty breakfast and send to me with your venmo; i'd love to pay for it.

Seattle lifted their curfew, cops haven’t tear gassed or shot at anyone, and protests are still completely peaceful at midnight. Wow it’s almost like if the police don’t attack, protests don’t magically turn into riots when the sun goes down

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NYPD officer tells me he has orders from above to remove his name tag badge number precinct pins and body camera downtown Brooklyn new york near protests. Refuses to identify his self. Violation of Right to Know act @AshAgony #GeorgeFlyod #BreannaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter #BLM https://t.co/tWukMgrFOU

This is worthy of an investigation. https://t.co/HkEKSeugiL

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