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Unholly act created on a Holy day by youngsters in many parts of #Kashmir, Zakir & many like him are no more alive. On Eid if people continue this what remains is to give to your families is nothing but your dead bodies. #Sepratist & others ignite you for own reasons. Stop it.

Congratulations to you brother for such a great victory & winning both the elections @ysjagan . Well deserved.

Congratulations to @OmarAbdullah & Dr. Farooq Sahab & #JKNC for winning 3 seats in the elections. Shows people of Kashmir still have faith in them. Great win.

Quoted @wbcmoro

.@WBCBoxing activity in Asia keeps growing . Amhad Khan from #india with Kevin Noone from @WBCMuaythai meeting in #Thailand

.@WBCBoxing activity in Asia keeps growing . Amhad Khan from #india with Kevin Noone from @WBCMuaythai meeting in #Thailand

Please accept my personal greetings & thanks for promoting #Amjadkhanboxingfoundation . Appreciate your efforts & words, such efforts encourage the youth & talent in sports & boxing field. Accept my gratitude @wbcmoro Respect & love.

Quoted @OmarAbdullah

If the killer of the father of the nation is a patriot does that make Mahatma Gandhi anti-national?

Mahatma Ki Aatmah se Poochte hain. No Comments.

Quoted @OmarAbdullah

This on a day alleged cow vigilantes have killed a man in Badarwah area of Jammu - India's Muslims fear for their future under Narendra Modi

I gathered this is now New India. Hamara Bharat Mahan Ha. 😁

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@Saahilpeerzaada πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

That's the only way to live a good life & leave with a smile.

Keeping people around who are kind will help with your mind. The people you surround yourself with is so important for your mental health.

Let's not fight politics on religious issues, madir, masjid, church, or to rule states. Let's fight towards productivity & fill each village and state with all world class facilities so they don't need to go else where. CAN you do @narendramodi

Quoted @aureliasaid

Choose one word for 2019. What will your word be? Your word will represent your whole year... aspire to fulfill the definition of your word. Mine is preparation. ☺️πŸ₯³β£οΈ

Beautifully said.!


@Saahilpeerzaada @OmarAbdullah Choices or choicelessnessΒΏ

Best choice Kashmiri can have at the moment is @OmarAbdullah no one else can replace him at this time. Future I can't say or speak about. Regards

Quoted @M7777777Shock

@Saahilpeerzaada @OmarAbdullah we will all see you there there is 100M of us that know your dead wrong a rat or a pig would be a better course

Good luck

I personally see the best #Chiefminister & a leadership qualities in only one man. That's @OmarAbdullah by now people should understand that he is & was the best person to take the state forward towards development. People who disagree please jump in the hell.

Kashmiri people have best leadership in @OmarAbdullah & I am proudly saying this, there's no other leader who has run #j&k so well without mass killings & violence if one looks at previous government. #omarabdullah deserves to be next CM to bring back normalcy in the state.

Quoted @Udeerna1

@OmarAbdullah @AtishiAAP Chameleon of Kashmir ,"Mr.Omar Abdulla", was Nastily heckled,& was forced to stop his Speech,in "Berkeley University", in USπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I do not appreciate people reacting to @OmarAbdullah & #drFarooqabudlla ji at an international event, it seems Kashmiri padits have forgotten what Dr sahab & Omar did for them by walking extra mile leaving own people behind. At least they deserve immense respect for that.

April is #sattanicsacrising month starts, where people are being killed in the name Lucifer. & unfortunate part is people have been kept occupied & taught what's unreal. Wake up there is no #islamicterror wake up before half of world they will nuke. No religion preaches hatred.

Quoted @TheVijayMallya

Even though we were fierce competitors, my sympathies go out to Naresh and Neeta Goyal who built Jet Airways that India should be extremely proud of. Fine Airline providing vital connectivity and class service. Sad that so many Airlines have bitten the dust in India. Why ?

Naresh Goyal should have not paid 8000cr plus money to #Dawood & Mallya you are well aware during running business he made 4 times money on the name of his employees. I feel bad we have such people but feel good for #ajaysingh for taking no time to take a call

Quoted @Rahipoet

@Saahilpeerzaada Thanks much Sahil bhai! πŸ™


Quoted @kesariyaabaalam

@Saahilpeerzaada MY INCLUSIVE GOVT is doing all that they can to reinstate them. Kashmiri pandits will get what was theirs just wait another 5 years. 😊

You are welcome home & I will be the first one to host my people back home. When you say your govt, what did they do to bring you back in 5years ? Wake up don't be dependent on any Govt your land your people home step in & live forever with harmony. Govt's mislead people.!

Quoted @kesariyaabaalam

@Saahilpeerzaada When did i ever mention THIS and THAT Indian? Stop making up scenarios in ur head to prove an imaginary point please. Also, come out of denial or go read history. You will know very well WHO ethnically cleansed Kashmiri Pandits from the valley AND HOW BADLY.

I don't live in past, neither I desire to live ever. Stupid are people who live in past. That's the only reason in today's life most of the people are confused & making others corrupt in selling past stories. I am well aware who cleansed who. Respect !

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