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We looked inside some of the tweets by @SCMPNews and here's what we found interesting.

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3 minutes ago

In Trump, China has an adversary who’s not afraid to push back – even if it means economic pain

Why you still think about your ex all the time, from having a special connection to wanting a ‘backup option’

22 years after one of the worst floods in decades, history might be repeating itself in China.

5G, live-streaming, and more: 3 key trends in China's tech industry, from SCMP Research's China Internet Report 2020. Get the free report:

Five dead, dozens arrested, as gang storms South African mega church

Two US Marine bases in Japan’s Okinawa locked down after dozens contract coronavirus

Coronavirus: British pilot goes home after recovering from brink of death in Vietnam

Seolhyun of AOA: for singer, actress and model, happiness is what you can do for others, not just yourself

Seven men arrested over robbery of HK$1 million in gold from jewellery store in Hong Kong

National security law’s new powers and sanctions must be used with caution

New Delhi still hesitates to take side in China-US rivalry despite deadly border clash

Society will benefit from cash handout

Saved from the floodwaters: Chinese village in path of Yangtze deluge

22 years after one of the worst floods in decades, history might be repeating itself in China.

In Indonesia, some cash-strapped residents are selling pet dogs to be cooked

Coronavirus: Beijing eases travel limits after five days of no new cases

Acer C250i review: projector that can screen the vertical videos smartphone users just won’t stop shooting

Not your "first date" rice bowl, but it does have everything you need in life. Chef May Chow of Little Bao shows us how to make a yuzu fried chicken rice bowl.

Buyers shrug aside Covid-19 relapse for Wheelock’s Koko Hills flats in Lam Tin, giving legs to Hong Kong’s home bull run

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