William Elliott Hazelgrove

National Bestselling Author of seventeen books; ten novels and seven books of nonfiction. Henry Knox's Noble Train out May 12, 2020.

Joined on December 01, 2008

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Mockingbird Tale Set in Virginia...Book of the Month Selection https://t.co/VuZnKJJpvQ

People Stopped Shaking Hands 230 Years Before with Yellow Fever https://t.co/kshag0gIXM

Kirkus Review of Henry Knox's Noble Train https://t.co/bbhGv6tul6

Orville Wrights Girlfriend https://t.co/dVzyawfQgq

Lars Larson Show Interview on The Noble Train complete with disconnection in the middle...you have to love live radio during a Pandemic! https://t.co/mCrC39rWNh

If you loved Devil in the White City, Chicago had a Second Worlds Fair except this time they had to get rid of Capone. https://t.co/06pLtzya6v

Short Movie on our First Woman President Edith Wilson https://t.co/5ZuPdNeQ9x

#wrightbrothers How Wilbur Wright Almost Died Gong to Kitty Hawk https://t.co/is5A8hCIBV

what happened to the kindle? https://t.co/fBEaZmoUEe

The Great Toilet Paper Run of the 2020 Pandemic https://t.co/oRmebVfI1q

How Teddy Roosevelt Became A Cowboy https://t.co/5BX8tZzxdm

CBS Philly Interview on Forging A President How The Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt #teddygoeswest https://t.co/IWJAdWy4B2

History HUB Boston Stories Podcast Escape to 1775 and hear the story of Henry Knox who hauled 60 tons of cannons to Boston and saved the American Revolution https://t.co/yqqOKpRTOU

Tips for Working at Home From a Writer Who Has Always Worked at Home https://t.co/PJIvaV5337

KZIM Interview on Henry Knox's Noble Train Expedition The story of a Boston Bookseller who save the American Revolution https://t.co/wFsZytwx0Z

Blog Talk Radio on Teddy Roosevelt's Wild West Adventure #teddygoeswest https://t.co/YFA7efwvXp

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