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9 minutes ago

Women tried to repaint #blacklivesmatter wrote on it in #nyc street😒 if we like it they will try to tear it down, just like they burnt down Black wall street😔 https://t.co/eFZfb70VdP https://t.co/85giFwl1BM

18 minutes ago

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https://t.co/bqVrmtWpQE .

@RightOnTV His mother

Stay safe! Protestor died after been hit by high speeding car during BLM in Seattle rest in peace Summer Taylor🕆🕇 #blm #protestor #diazlove https://t.co/QObn719Kof

38 minutes ago

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Who is Roger on Sister, Sister? A. Their next door neighbor B. Tia's half young Brother C. Tamera's boyfriend D. School bully #sistersister #trivia #rightontv #tiaandtamera https://t.co/yYyr1efYnM


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How many characters did Martin play? A.6 B.9 C.8 D.7 #trivia #martin #rightontv https://t.co/oq1uQZsKZo


Quoted @RightOnTV

On Martin, who does Cole live with? A. By himself B. Big Shirley C. His Mother D. Tommy #trivia #martin #carlpayne https://t.co/A5gkMeyrAZ


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On Everybody Loves Raymond, what's Raymond's wife name? A.Diane B.Dolly C.Debby D.Debra #EverybodyLovesraymond #trivia #rightontv https://t.co/8nF9lQEpYo

https://t.co/UPFPMxWQVh .,

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Name this funny Christmas movie w/Sinbad? A.Bad Santa B.Jingle all the Way C.Elf D.Spaceballs2 #sinbad #sinbad #rightontv https://t.co/QPo8pwh4CU


Who plays the part of both Huey and Riley Freeman? 1,Sheryl Underwood 2,Jill Talley 3,Regina King 4,Kevin Hart https://t.co/jJ2x60BYFl / .

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