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UK biologist & writer. Science, the poetry of reality. Good-humoured ridicule of religions. RTs don't imply endorsement, nor exhaustive research of tweeter's CV

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Please read this superb article by Thomas Friedman

Erroneous Views - The Morning Heresy sees through the facade of the news, and then regrets it.

So far, more Americans have died from coronavirus than in the wars of Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan combined. And Brazil and Britain aren’t doing much better. Congratulations those right wing nutjob governments.

CFI Denounces #SCOTUS #Espinoza Decision Forcing Taxpayers to Pay for Religious Schooling

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Bzzzzz! - All the news and the noise at The Morning Heresy.

The Desire to Be Liked - The Morning Heresy collects links so you'll be its friend.

Come to my rally and infect each other but, whatever else happens, make sure I don’t get infected.

The Devil's Trying to Give Me the Flu! - The Morning Heresy's links are the devil's playthings.

Dumb Britain. Social distancing on Brighton Beach by people of very low intelligence. American friend tells me she gets dirty looks for wearing a mask (because Fox News public thinks Covid-19 is a conspiracy to unseat Trump).

Dubious Ideological History - Harumph along with The Morning Heresy.

The Search: In ths clip, I talk about evolutionary arms races and how they drive the evolution of complex and elaborate adaptations.

“The Search”: Dan Dennett, Sam Harris and I speak about the evil of child indoctrination into religion.

David Frum, in Trumpocalypse, makes the salutary point that although a candidate as appalling as Trump cannot positively win the 2020 election, the Democrats could lose it if they are perceived as the party of “The Great Awokening” and excessive political correctness.

I resisted Harry Potter until recently, but have been lured into buying the audio books by the fact that the incomparable @StephenFry reads them. I must say they are great fun. @JK_Rowling is a great storyteller & her magic spells are treated with wit bordering on satire.

Crumbling Across the Board - The Morning Heresy doesn't pick up the pieces, but it does look at them and wonder who's going to clean them up.

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