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Donald Trump has a dog whistle about as big as a foghorn.

How it started    //   How it's going https://t.co/ZF7C6Wpt9U

How it started // How it's going https://t.co/ZF7C6Wpt9U

This is by far my favorite setup LOL #ssbu_steve #SmashBros https://t.co/Gtx4pxQdSo

Here is my morning energy. https://t.co/EGHfRvJlx1

🐱Made for no reason this morning, good afternoon🐱 ---- https://t.co/gj9FsWyQBu https://t.co/gwqG03JMof ---- https://t.co/82VMutvLVH https://t.co/ULvB9mRlNe

Takeover New Orleans was special https://t.co/txOdzGMswq

Also here is the link to the @DragonsOfTwitch If you wanna join the server this time will be a good time since we doing events and we even have a dragon program that goes 1v1 with smaller streamers to help them better their streams, profiles and etc! https://t.co/VGntUYa28Z

Artists when they receive fan art of their OC https://t.co/sNvRHL7MdX

Artists when they receive fan art of their OC https://t.co/sNvRHL7MdX

21 days ago

seeing your animal crossing villager wearing the designs you made https://t.co/LMFCgGVt7N

22 days ago

@WolfeScratch @OmniTournaments Stop fucking harassing the streamer who just comes there to help us out after working a full day at his actual job. Like he is just a guy not a TO. He doesn't even play smash. Leave him tf alone

Quoted @TwitterSafety

We’ve expanded our policies based on public feedback and we’re giving people more control over their experience, including deciding who can reply to Tweets.

When will you enable users to specifically report sexual harassment? https://t.co/fekf1KQz0u

It's time we come together. It's time we see each other as fellow Americans, who don't just live in red states and blue states, but who live in — and love — the United States of America. That's who we are — and there is nothing we cannot do if we do it together.

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