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New at @CookPolitical: Rep. Scott Tipton (R)'s primary defeat moves #CO03 from Solid R to Likely R. https://t.co/szeYTpc1I4

For reference, this 48% figure exceeds the attrition rate of Democrats at this point in Obama's first term - 112/256 (44%) - and note that 2012 being a redistricting year contributed to plenty of Dem retirements/losses.

Keep in mind: most of the Rs likeliest to speak out *against* Trump were replaced by Democrats, and most others - like Tipton in #CO03 - are being replaced by even more pro-Trump Rs. Lesson: there is no going back to a GOP “before Trump.”

I'm so sorry to have to break this disappointing news, but this candidate ended up with only 1.3% of the vote. #OK05 https://t.co/PiIjT8yFcj

Quoted @rollcall

Colorado Republican Rep. Scott Tipton lost his primary Tuesday to Lauren Boebert, a gun rights activist who has also been associated with the far-right conspiracy theory known as QAnon #CO03 https://t.co/Bv5YkIJnsr

If the President meets with her and learns more about her, there's a non-zero chances she speaks at the Republican convention. https://t.co/SxQDsxRb1X

Fact: when President Trump took office in January 2017, there were 241 Republicans in the House. Since then, 115 (48%) have either retired, resigned, been defeated or are retiring in 2020.

I've seen enough: retired NFL player Burgess Owens (R) wins the GOP primary to face #UT04 Rep. Ben McAdams (D). November @CookPolitical rating: Lean D.

Why doesn't Boebert's nomination move the needle further in Dems' direction? Don't underestimate the disdain most #CO03 residents have for wealthy, liberal ski towns like Aspen & Steamboat Springs, which nominee Diane Mitsch Bush (D) represented in the state House.

It's tight right now, but to me it looks likely the Medicaid expansion ballot measure will narrowly pass in Oklahoma.

Even so, Boebert's favorable comments regarding the QAnon conspiracy world warrant a move of #CO03 from Solid R to Likely R at @CookPolitical.

This Western Slope district voted for Trump 52%-40% in 2016, so it's still going to be a heavy lift for Diane Mitsch Bush (D), who lost to Tipton 52%-44% in 2018. #CO03

I've seen enough: Lauren Boebert (R) has defeated Rep. Scott Tipton (R) in the #CO03 primary. Tipton becomes the fifth House incumbent to lose renomination in 2020.

Boebert owns Shooters Grill, a BBQ restaurant where all staff openly carry guns. Its food service license was suspended after reopened it in defiance of state "stay at home" orders. #CO03 https://t.co/Oq2i1qi8Ci

Whoa: five-term #CO03 Rep. Scott Tipton (R) currently trailing primary challenger Lauren Boebert (R) 56%-44% w/ over half of vote in. Could be huge upset brewing.

Quoted @neeratanden

If Beshear’s vote in 2019 is more determinative of how Kentucky will vote in 2020 than Trump’s vote in 2016, McConnell is in a world of trouble. https://t.co/SD5jDaC2Hx

And if Charlie Baker's vote in 2018 is more determinative of how Massachusetts will vote in 2020 than Clinton's vote in 2016, I guess Dems are in a world of trouble in MA's Senate race? https://t.co/hZzS2S5CaQ

In the end, this will be a pretty unimpressive primary margin for a $41 million candidate who started w/ a huge name ID advantage. McGrath might be living proof there's an inflection point at which massive sums of out-of-state $$ become more harmful than helpful. #KY06 #KYSEN

One thing we'll never know: what the outcome would have been if McGrath (D) hadn't banked such a large lead in absentee ballots. #KYSEN

Ok, I've finally seen enough: Amy McGrath (D) has defeated Charles Booker (D) in the #KYSEN primary.

BREAKING: Louisville (Jefferson Co.) just reported in absentees. New count there: Booker (D) 88,116 McGrath (D) 52,224 Booker now up 160,103 to 139,168 statewide. But a lot of McGrath-favorable rural counties left to count. #KYSEN

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