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Quoted @undisputed

“Portland has 2 terrific guards in Dame and CJ. On paper they are the biggest threat to the Lakers in the 1st round, but what sticks in my craw is what I failed to see vs. Golden State last year in the Western Conference Finals. They lost all 4.” @RealSkipBayless

I just don't know about Portland. The lights got too bright for them against Golden State. If Dame & CJ are those guys, they should’ve at least gotten one of those games without Kevin Durant. More @Undisputed, now on FS1

Michael Rapaport joins us to talk Lakers and Brady. Now on @undisputed

Shannon is all in on Luka. I’m not. Now on @undisputed

Quoted @undisputed

"I'm not saying that Devin Booker is Steph or Klay, because he's not, but all he does is take and make big shots. He's got huge clutch gene, he's got big guts." @RealSkipBayless

If Devin Booker gets the basketball with 5 seconds left, you better watch out because he is going to find a way to take and make that shot. More @Undisputed, now on FS1

Brady’s new offense ranked 11th??? Preposterous. Now on @undisputed

Do we have any new sympathy for Lou Williams? Now on @undisputed

Why I’d rather see Zion and his ex-Lakers than Dame and the Blazers vs the Lakers in the 1st Round. Now on @undisputed

Shannon believes the Clippers got exposed yesterday by the Suns. Here we go. @undisputed. 9:30 AM-Noon ET. FS1.

OK, on paper Portland would be the toughest first-round matchup for the Lakers ... unless Damian and CJ disappeared the way they did vs GSt last year. But the matchup I want to WATCH is Zion vs LeBron/AD. I want to watch special.

Rockets had 'em, let 'em off the hook. Russ missed a little turnaround j for the lead, Harden missed 2 open threes. But nice to see Melo come back from the NBA "dead" and hit a dagger three. What a battle.

Never thought I'd see a Mike Antoni team play such fierce, committed D as this Rocket team attacks with. No D in Antoni.

Clippers took it up a level, played a strong 2nd half. But DEVIN BOOKER WAS UNSTOPPABLE, down to the last shot over a contest that could not have been better by Paul George. Just ... too ... good. Way to go, Book.

Good to see Lou Williams back. Not so good to see the Clippers uninspired vs young Suns who are playing harder, shooting like they mean to win today. Up 7 at half.

Quoted @undisputed

"Zion is a whole other level. I have no idea if Zion can last, but if he does, it's not even close between him and Ja. Zion is a life-changer to me." — @RealSkipBayless Better long-term prospect? RT for Zion LIKE for Ja

Zion is the force on the court that we've never quite seen in that package. He has the ability to play basketball at an extremely high level while dominating the game with his power. @undisputed. 9:30 AM-Noon ET. FS1.

Quoted @undisputed

.@RealSkipBayless on Michael Porter Jr. scoring a career-high 37 points in Nuggets OT win over Thunder: "My gut tells me that last night, a star was born."

Because of Michael Porter Jr., the Denver Nuggets have become must-see TV. I'm on the edge of my seat. He will change their franchise going forward. More @Undisputed, now on FS1

Quoted @undisputed

.@RealSkipBayless reacts to Zion's performance in win over Jazz: "He's way too heavy and out of shape, with potentially a troubled knee. Despite that, this man managed to score 23 points in 25 minutes. Can you imagine what he could do if he ever got himself right?"

Even last night at 300 pounds, was Zion not the best player on the floor? If he could take 25 off, destruction would happen. More @Undisputed, now on FS1

Quoted @undisputed

"After the game, LeBron had the audacity on that given night to gloat about winning the West saying: 'They said I couldn't do it.' On a night in which his new teammate carried him with 42 points and 12 rebounds." @RealSkipBayless

It was all AD all the time last night, you know it and I know it. How on that night could LeBron say it meant so much to him personally? Unbelievable. More @Undisputed, now on FS1

Shannon and I are about to react to what Gary Patterson said. Now on @undisputed

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