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Sasha Wasley



Copywriter and Content Marketer, Razzed Communications, mum and animal lover in Perth, WA

Joined on December 14, 2008

We looked inside some of the tweets by @RazzedComms and here's what we found interesting.

Inside 100 Tweets

Time between tweets:
4 days
Average replies
Average retweets
Average likes
Tweets with photos
22 / 100
Tweets with videos
0 / 100
Tweets with links
0 / 100

Rankings (sorted by number of followers)

136. in country Australia and category Personal

375. in country Australia and category Community

If you follow me because I'm a fiction writer, please go and follow my new author profile @SDWasleyAuthor #published with @EvernightTeen :)

Having the most amazing lunch at #EllensStardustDiner ! Coolest!

How often should I post on #Facebook?

More helpful information on using hashtags effectively to improve engagement.

Excellent tool for helping you generate relevant hashtags on a topic.

#Twitter is flagging #algorithm introductions to curate what we see in our feeds. I smell more 'pay to play' coming.

"Never mistake motion for action." - Ernest Hemmingway

How to Create a Content Strategy That Actually Drives Organic Traffic by @neilpatel

Why Startups Fail, According to Their Founders

Why Startups Fail, According to Their Founders

Use #hashtags to increase awareness and the visibility of your #events. Via @constantcontact

Get more out of Linked In. Perth workshop November 13 2014.

Slideshare: simple #Facebook for small business, including insights and paid avertising. #smallbusiness

#MondayOutburst: pay for 1000s of likes or push your FB page with promises you can't keep. trust me, your reach will be worse than ever.

Really dumb things to put on your Linked In profile

My Office shredder in action. (via @AddThis) #officedog

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