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TX ↗️ VA ⬇️ NC. My dog. 🏝🏐. 🥎. 🥌. ΣΑ. Music. Sports. Aggies. RIP Daddy-5/10/17. 👻: callmetitsmcge

Wilmington, NC
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“I don’t have the rona, I’m just really high.” #vatrips #coronachronicles

Between the wreck and the fireworks, baby girl has had a rough week. She’s such a trooper and I will always keep her safe. #dogmom #rebeldebel #rebby

Mom: “Are you going to wear that to work?” Me (in my booty shorts and TAMU basketball shirt): “Yup. The bosses are off today. Mind ya business.”

Just received multiple “just shipped” emails of items I purchased 2 weekends ago. Someone take Drunk Paige’s card away so she’ll stop buying stupid shit. I’m not going to look at them, I’m just going to treat it as a surprise to myself. 😂 #DrunkPaige #treatyoself

There was a “mini fight” tonight at volleyball and I wasn’t involved. #progress #adulting

Those look like some heavy ass IPA’s. That’s going to turn into a shit show. Woof. #CampGetaway

Um, helloooo! #CamelBak of champagne for hiking, camping, etc. #CampGetaway

I feel like Adam is just upset because Gavin is better game than him. Remember that first 20s themed party with the pescavegatarian? #CampGetaway

My spirit animal is the drunk version of myself, Drunk Paige. Everyone should meet her. She’s a treat. #CampGetaway

We have a bunch of Karen’s at #CampGetaway this weekend. Yikes. 😳

Is there anything @NeelyFortune can’t do?! Girl, you better go sign up for Naked and Afraid!! #CampGetaway

David unintentionally scaring the shit out of @DrMonicaONeal had me freaking deaddd. I’ve watched it at least 27 times right now. 😂😂😂 #CampGetaway

Finally catching up on #CampGetaway. These 2 wks have been insane, but I’m finally able to catch up! 🙌🏼

Lord have mercy, I have the weirdest fucking dreams. #whatswrongwithme

It is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to date in your 30’s, much less in Wilmington. I was asked if I wanted kids. Short answer, no. They’re gross and I’m selfish. Well, he did not like that answer and then lectured me on the women who can’t physically have kids... #notmyproblem #byeeee

Quoted @tCFBCountry

Final Championship: “Best Stadium in College Football” 📍 Kyle Field, College Station Kinnick Field, Iowa City

I mean, I feel like y’all should know what to do. #GigEm #BTHOiowa

Some days I miss home. Today is one of those days. I miss my friends. I miss having an amazing support system that I don’t have here. I miss the lake days. Hoping for my best friend to hurry up and move back so we can rage and talk shit about everyone again. #hurryup #sassymama

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