I was found lying next to a tree.

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Success shouldn't be synonymous with how good you are at forcing yourself to do what you don't want to do

Quoted @DouglasKMurray

Two million views in just a few days. On YouTube alone. Thank you @joerogan: https://t.co/4Lt19AsLG9

Probably one of the best episode in recent times https://t.co/C522HG7In1

Given that the criminal justice system is a white western construct, it is literally impossible for people of colour to break the law.

Theo Von
10 days ago

Is @JoeBiden gonna debate @realDonaldTrump w/ @joerogan as the moderator or what? Who is holding this up?

@HillaryClinton Wow look who's backing Donald Trump now!

Sushant's private diary and Rhea's personal Whatsapp chats are out in public now. PMCARES details isn't. India at the present, for you.

"Joe Biden to me is like having a flashlight with a dying battery, and going for a long hike in the woods. It is not going to work out. It's not going to make it." – @joerogan

I dare you to be angry at this family. https://t.co/BGGrxaCNeG

I dare you to be angry at this family. https://t.co/BGGrxaCNeG

If anyone else achieved incredible accomplishments for peace like this, it would be leading cable news & would probably result in a Nobel Peace Prize, but because Donald Trump & Jared Kushner did it, the media will try to ignore it as much as possible. https://t.co/iXQjnVjR9h

Anyone notice how we are being asked to believe both that speech can be violence and that some violence is ‘expression’ at the same time?

1/2 I said four months ago that strongmen leaders would use the excuse of the pandemic to stifle democracy&dissent. The notification for the delayed Parliament session blandly announces there will be no Question Hour. How can this be justified in the name of keeping us safe?

India is reeling under Modi-made disasters: 1. Historic GDP reduction -23.9% 2. Highest Unemployment in 45 yrs 3. 12 Crs job loss 4. Centre not paying States their GST dues 5. Globally highest COVID-19 daily cases and deaths 6. External aggression at our borders

If Donald Trump wins, businesses in every major city will board up their stores because they know what’s coming. If Biden wins, there will be no such concern. That tells you everything you need to know about which side is more violent.

Economy curve                  Corona curve https://t.co/0FKX6H6YYi

Economy curve Corona curve https://t.co/0FKX6H6YYi

a month ago

releasing “cuties” is the only way to get antifa off the streets

um https://t.co/PX8NpIZ9Ki

In some cultures women are oppressed by law. In the west we oppress women with liberty. And by ‘we’ I don’t mean men, I mean all of us. https://t.co/CBTdZ7Mcho

Quoted @lsarsour

I am not trying to be Captain Obvious here but..... Antifa = anti-fascist Opposite of anti-fascist is fascist or pro-fascist. You are either anti-fascist or not. Simple as that. #justsaying #justincase

1. Name yourself the opposite of a justly despised thing (also: “anti-racism”). 2. Define the entire landscape as existing within your fantastical binary: if you are not X, you are anti-X. 3. Watch good, naive people fall in line; claim those who resist are proving your point. https://t.co/Wqg4J450TZ

Quoted @ACLU

BREAKING: A federal court has blocked the Idaho law banning transgender student athletes. This is a victory for all women and girls in Idaho. Trans people belong in sports.

This is not a victory for women or girls. It is a victory for social maneuvering over biological reality, and a demonstration of the power of manipulation over analysis. We need a strong and courageous @ACLU, not a pandering pod of ideologues. https://t.co/8irXLlWAw9

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